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I join my niche Facebook groupsJust recently, along with taking action and joining WA premium, I started to join some Domaining Facebook groups. There are a few reasons why I decided to do this, one of the reasons is that I had to start treating my online activities as a business with the intention of flipping some of my domains as they have been growing out of control and I need to see some ROI (Return On Investment).Another reason was to push myself and my brand and grow to an authority level
Throughout my life I've been trying to find where I fit in this world, asking myself the question "what do you want to be"? And I envy those that can answer that question without hesitation.What do you want to beWe all want to be something, to be a certain type of person or in a certain type of profession. Some are told by their parents or other influential people that enforce our minds that we should follow a path that would lead us to their end goal.I personally remember my last years in scho
Have I made the right decision last week I have participated in the 7 day free Premium trial and have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to. Only because over the last decade or so, I have joined many a membership program and purchased more courses than I dare to admit to.I've lost count of the money I have invested in my online education (that's me being positive in how I waste my money sometimes). But, I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much I have learn just going
Bad News...That is a famous email subject lines revealed by the IM guru Frank Kern a number of years ago that gets one of the best open rates in any business!I know this fact because I purchased one of his high ticket courses Mass Control back in 2009 I think it was? The reason I started with a headline like that was because I have an annerversary approaching that is a milestone that I relflect upon every time it comes around and I think many affiliate marketers do too.It will be twelve years i
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