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Last Update: May 03, 2020

Throughout my life I've been trying to find where I fit in this world, asking myself the question "what do you want to be"? And I envy those that can answer that question without hesitation.

What do you want to be

We all want to be something, to be a certain type of person or in a certain type of profession. Some are told by their parents or other influential people that enforce our minds that we should follow a path that would lead us to their end goal.

I personally remember my last years in school being told by friends and relatives that I would make a good policeman. I think it was the fact that you had to be six feet tall or over? I started to believe them and was faced with disappointment when I didn't have the qualifications to join the cadets at 16 and a half years old.

Unfortunately, I was advised to apply again a year later only to be told then that they had now increased the criteria to 18 and a half. Applying again and this time they had raised the minimum age to 21 years of age!

At this rate I was going to miss out on their early retirement plan which was 35 years old at the time.

Applying again at 21 and was invited along to Chester House in Manchester UK. Myself, along with approximately 100 other hopefuls, were given a full medical examination along with by a written examination. As I mentioned earlier, my schooling was not one of my best stages of my life and I held on to just a touch of hope that I may get in.

The odds are always stacked against you

100 of us were standding in an assembly room eagerly awaiting the results, it was quiet and the look on faces ranged from nervous through to cocky buggers who were 110% convinced that they were in.

An officer with a clipboard stood on the elevated platform at the front of the room and the slight rumble of muttering fell silent....

Can the following people leave the room by the right of me here please, and he used his clipboard to show the door.

As he called out three names, the officer waited until they were out of the room. At this point everyone was probably thinking the same as myself? We were far too many for them to fail surely.

Nope, that was it, 3 from approximately 100 got through to become a police officer! Yes , I was feeling gutted and it hit hard, but, I knew I could get that nagging feeling that unfortunately born to be a copper out of my head..RESULT :-)

Deep down you know what you want to do and strive for.

I look back at my life today, I recognize that I have never had a definitive visual or mindful view of what I wanted to be, but, what I have done is to be persistent and consistent in my quest to better myself.

I believe that my path to becoming whatever I maybe is a result of being someone who has at least some direction. I'm on a path that will lead to somewhere that I'm confident will bring me things that I will enjoy and love, whether they be material or emotional.

I'm pushing through to the next steps to live and earn from home and I have to get my stuff out there!

Buy buttons are my daily goal Monday to Friday

A well-known internet marketer Dennis Becker also known as the Five Buck Guy, ask's his followers " how many buy buttons do you have online". You are far more likely to sell something and make money from home if you have buy buttons online selling your products or services.

Simple, I just need to make sure I have at least one buy button a day online linked to anything from one of my domains or a product that I have created or even an affiliate link such as the ones provided here at WA.

Don't let your ideas and talent get trapped just stay focused and push through.


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Great post. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks, Mickey,
You too!
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Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for taking the time to read it Rick, I appreciate it.
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Thanks for sharing. I will push through
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Thanks Pat, If we can continue to push ourselves to the top of our game, I’m sure we can pull some of those who are struggling pushing themselves.
Cheers for reading and the comments.