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Couple of ways to increase CTR ( click through rate ) especially for sites which have time sensitive information - deals, offers etc Something you might not realise . . . You can ensure that your meta title and description appear always up to date by using %%currentyear%% and/ or %%currentmonth %% or %%currentdate%%For example if your page title is currently:Best pressure cooker dealsChange it in Yoast to :Best pressure cooker deals - Updated %%currentmonth %% %%currentyear%% Which results
April 06, 2017
Something that someone might find useful. One of my Amazon sites is about a certain type of household items. I was thinking of expanding it but for various reasons, I decided not to and to keep it focused on a specific theme. The way the site is structured is that I have a pillar post ( i.e. long comprehensive page with loads of content ) and then several supporting articles linking to it. The pillar post is around 5,000 words. It includes a list of Top 10 products. Plus an overview of the
The above is just an example example of what can happen when you go back and check the on-page SEO of an old site that has been left for dead.This is a site I made 8 or 9 years ago and it did OK but then I got bored of it and forgot about it. I had some free time so decided to spend a day going through it checking the kind of basic SEO and site improvement that WA teaches - eg changing the theme; removing outdated plugins, fixing broken links etc etc. I did some minor changes to the content,
So everyone has upgraded to SSL and the WA world is a better place. All fine and dandy. But it's not over yet. You still have to get it working properly for your site.Couple of things you need to do . . . First . . . Look at your site in a browser and you're going to notice that you don't see a little green lock next to the word 'Secure' near your URL. You're then going to think that something is wrong because in the WA management console it shows that the site has SSL. Yet your browser says
December 13, 2016
Just been checking the rankings for KWs on a few sites. These are affiliate sites with Amazon links. Apart from that the only thing they have in common is that I switched the sites over to https ( SSL) last month. Since then the SERP averages have been up & down like a yoyo. Before it was pretty steady. Example below. This is average daily position of the 63 KWs that I'm tracking for this site. Anyone else switched over recently & seen similar bouncing? Just wondering if it's common
December 08, 2016
Yep, that's a deliberately boring title. :-)Hopefully it'll be ignored by people who want a story about a really funny cat, motivational nonsense or hopelessly outdated, cut and paste articles which are posted by ambassadors so receive loads of fawning comments.What we've got here is data that is telling you what to expect in the coming year, assuming you write a blog post today. And that's quite important and useful to know.The data is from - which if you don't know who the
This looks interesting as far as domain names go. Automattic - the company behind Wordpress just revealed itself to be the buyer of the '.blog' domain extension. They hid their involvement to avoid a bidding war with Google and others. So later this year you'll be able to get a '' site. With Wordpress promoting it, it's bound to take off in a bigger way than some of the other TLDs that you never see anyone using. More: Of c
Here's something that's very handy & worth printing out. A very good summary of everything you should be doing as far as on page and off page SEO goes. It's not so easy to read here - as WA limits the size of images, so the link to the original article is below.Taken from:
Just thought I'd share something that has made me an extra few thousand dollars with no effort in the past 3 months.Three months ago I redesigned my travel site. One of the main sources of income from this site is transfers - by private car or minibus. I arrange these for tourists to the island where I live & get commission from doing that. The new theme I switched to had an option to use a 'sticky widget' in the sidebar. This works by keeping a widget in view as the reader scrolls down t
January 15, 2016
Or 'An Old Site Refuses to Die'This is another of those posts that shows patience is a virtue. And not to expect immediate success. Making money takes time for most people. +++Sometimes you give up on a site and pretty much forget about it. Which is what happened to one I made just over 2 years ago. And around year ago, I gave up on as I didn't think it'd do anything. So, no content has been added for well over a year. No backlinking was done. The domain renewed automatically ( I remember