Can anyone outsource their workouts?

Last Update: December 28, 2013

Oh, I figured that would be a huge NO...NO

Well, we are all looking forward to the luxury of outsourcing the mundane things of running a business so that we can be sipping Martinis of the beach

Ah, that day is closer to those who are following the teachings and totally implementing them and also tweaking the process as they advance.

But, there's always going to be a shadow that's always going to follow us no matter where we go. Even if you plan to take a trip to the moon which just costs $27,000,000.00, that thing will follow you there.

Welcome, to yourself really. You see, your character will only be fixed by YOU alone and it will follow you indefinitely.

Outsource, absolutely everything else, but never your character. Oh dear, it actually is impossible to outsource it.

Ha, ha, not looking forward to seeing an invention that actually works out your exercises for you and you get a six pack out of it.

Childish, is what I would call myself if ever I found myself trying to outsource the "unoutsourceable"

No one can think positive thoughts for you

No one can eat the right and healthy foods for you

No one can drink cool refreshing water for you

No one can sleep on your behalf

No one can say I love you to the people that matter

No one can wake up extra early to work on your business

No one can wash your body ( I might change that when I reach 95 years of age)

No one can do your workouts

No one can create your business

No one can spark inner motivation

No one can create a virtuous character for you


It, makes excuses such a nasty thing

For the coming year, as you make new adjustments, please don't outsource your lifeline....those are your goals that drive you...your passion...

Okay, this applies to me too and PLEASE, if you see me drifting around or making excuses, you have the right to call me CHILDISH in public

Happy new year my virtual family, you have truly helped me awaken the dragon within...and for that, I respect and appreciate each and everyone of you.

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freedomforus Premium

Who was it that 1st said "If it's to be - it's up to me?" Not sure but I used it in my profile.

After the help you gave me today......I would now like to modify that and say.........It's up to me........ and our WAU COMMUNITY!"

Hmmm. Whatchathink" Larry freedomforus
IJustDoItNow Premium
I love that quote and I don't remember who said it too lol

I agree, with you...the journey requires others to make it huge in this earth

"It's the most breathtaking, ironic things about living; the fact that we are all...alone. Singular. And yet what we seek, what saves us is our connection to others.'
Wally Lamb

Larry, that's a great quote you got there and I will be quoting it in one of my blogs
Soulpreneur Premium
No one can do your push-ups for you. ~ Jim Rohn :)
IJustDoItNow Premium
Very true....Jim Rohn is one of my faves
BIS Premium
LoL - I love that "Outsource the unoutsourceable'. That has really given me food for thought. Thanks for sharing
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks Beverly, glad it did...make something beautiful out of it