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Last Update: April 17, 2019

Welcome To My Blog Post About Time Management.

I decided to write this article motivated by the conversation in our LiveChat before yesterday when some of the members explained that one of their main constraints about Online Marketing is effective Time Management.

You know the expression: "The time is the money!" Is it so? I am sure for many people it is. Why is that? Simple, because if you can't organize your time efficiently, most of your work will stay undone. It will block you from going forward and develop your business, either offline or online.

Online business is different to run as an offline. However, it requires excellent time management as well.

As in other areas of life, so in online marketing time management is a crucial skill you need to possess to succeed. Today, I want to share some simple but useful tips about how you can improve your time management and why is it so meaningful!

This post is not a "rocket science" or a high valued scientific work; still, the guidelines emphasized in this article will help you to improve your organizational skills and organize your time more efficiently.

If you are interested in reading more about it, please keep on reading, and in the end, if you liked it, please leave a comment below and share it with friends!

Thanks a lot!

Let´s now jump into it!

What Means "Time Management?"

The Definition

Good old Wikipedia says about the Time Management following: "Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. It involves a juggling act of various demands upon a person relating to work, social life, family, hobbies, personal interests and commitments with the finiteness of time. Using time effectively gives the person "choice" on spending/managing activities at their own time and expediency."
You can read more here!

In a nutshell, you want to spend your time in a best possible way, so you could have more free time for other things you would like to do, and only for the things you need and must do.

The term "Time management" instruct us to organize our time. By having the time well organized during the day, and also for a longer time, your life is going to be much more comfortable, and you will fill more productive and happier.

It is understandable that you need specific skills and level of knowledge to manage your time correctly though it is not rocket science! Having some skills, tools, and experience in hand will help you to manage your time in the best way.

Time management is essential and useful for many areas of your life. You will benefit from it in your personal life, job, family and any other organization (school, sport, institute, social, and so forth).

Importance Of Time Management!

Proper time management will allow you to achieve more in less time. It is possible with an organized system that will accelerate your work. The system will focus on more critical and single tasks avoiding losing time for unneeded tasks.

"Good organizations is half work done." You know this expression. Creating a gentle daily schedule, a list of most, then less important tasks will keep your focus on the right path!

If you have many responsibilities to accomplish, define the time frame for each job from the list. Start executing them according to the list time table.

Doing so you will be amazed and surprised how much more time you have at your disposal for other tasks and how your work qualitatively improved. It will also raise the level of efficiency.

Time management is essential in many areas of life. Everyone could gain the benefit from proper time management. The students are studying at the university; kids are going to school and their sports activities, yourself during your job time, the parents are dealing with small kids.

Especially people that have at the same time more duties during the day, like taking care of their family and of their job obligations.

All of them can at a certain point "fall into the trap" of time management. Thus, knowing how to master Time Management is crucial for successfully "beating the time!"

How To Master Time Management

The first task before creating the best possible schedule for your daily activities is to set goals. As mentioned above it is essential for defining the importance of the goals what will be the basis for the time planning. Set precisely your goals for the day!

"First thing first!". Put your most essential goals on the top of the list and accomplish them first.

The Fexibility As The "Straw Of Salvation!"

After you finished the essential tasks, follow with other goals according to the importance defined on the list. Sure, planning is one thing, and the reality is another. However, having a nice portion of flexibility will help to modify the time for execution if needed. Develop your flexible schedule, and you will be fine!

Old Habits Are Your Patterns Of Action!

Become aware of your habits! Do you need to keep them all? Which one is working fine for you and which don't? Write them down, or at least detect them! If possible, try to modify them as needed. Start creating new, more effective ones. Don't become the "slave of your bad habits!" Please remove them and apply the habits that will move you forward. It is just a form of behavior. Of course, it is easier said than done, but still, it is worth trying.

"The Success Is In The list!"

You have probably heard already: "The money is in the list!" It is the most known expression within email marketing niche. You can apply the same to Time Management. As mentioned above, "Creating a list will solve the time management problems!"

List the goals you want to achieve in a short (day), longer (week, month) and most prolonged period (year and longer). Set priorities and start executing them one by one.

Don't Let Anything Disrupt You! I can Only say Focus, Focus, And Focus Again!

You need to concentrate on the execution of the tasks and follow the pattern. Execute the jobs following the list you created in a previous step, and stick with it. Be persistent, determined and focused again. Soon, you will see the benefits of staying focused. Train that every day. It is learnable.

Focus Means One Thing At A Time! The "Now And Here!"

Are you able to do efficiently more things at once? Maybe yes, you will say. I doubt! However, going step by step and doing one thing at a time will allow you to work with quality and less stress.

Do you like what you do? How passionate are you about your tasks? Do you enjoy doing them?

If not, you should start to create such tasks immediately. The is one of the most critical issues to consider! Why? Because it will keep you motivated for a more extended period. Doing something you enjoy doing it, will help you to forget about things you must do, and motivate you to do the things you love to do.

Lastly, Organize Your Time In A Way You Also Have Time To Rest!

Free time is important. Relax. Enjoy your free time best you can. Be with your family, go for a walk, exercise, take a few days off, hang with friends. Visit neighbors, cousins! Accumulate the new energy to continue working on your goals!


Time management requires a kind of specific skills to make your life easier. Though, it is not magical stuff. Detecting organizational problems and resolving them by using effective time management will help you to avoid stress and unnecessary things!

It is evident that by having your time organized most effectively, you will have more time and space left for your private life, family and other tasks you love to do.

Besides, you will become more flexible in accomplishing tasks and opened for new opportunities that might occur.

In general, having time organized well in all aspects of your life will make your day more relaxed, which will make you happier and more efficient.

Can you learn how to manage your time most efficiently? Sure, you can. Start detecting your time management problems, put them down on paper, and define the most important ones! Organize the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks you need to accomplish and start executing them one per time.

Such an approach will make it easier for you to stay motivated for a more extended period and move forward to achieving your goals.

Detect, select, organize, and execute— the simple steps of time management.

I wish you the best possible time management.

Your friend,


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