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Web Marketing Is A Huge Discipline And Area Of Action!

Dear WA friends, last couple of weeks, or months, I was busy with learning here at WA, communicating, creating and building up my website, writing articles, blog posts, som blogs here on the WA paltform, and so forth.

What I didn't do enough is marketing itself and promoting my website. I am still waiting for it because I want my website to grow and has more to offer. I am not rushing so far.

Furthermore, Kyle selected and accepted me for the Super Affiliate Challenge - The 2019 & 2020 Edition, and I am heavily involved in. I am looking forward to great results.

But, I want today to pay attention to a very interesting thing which is the marketing possibilities online.
During my creational period last months, I was researching many sites, blogs, eBooks, books and videos.

Capture And Store Your Marketing Data! You Never Know When You Could Need And Use It!

My marketing data base is huge and I have enough material to grab when I need. I have gigabytes of marketing materials in my maps. When you start reseraching online, you can come up with huge amount of data very quickly! You can use this data whenever you need, later in your creational process! Just be sure that you don't store the data for to long time (although some older data can useful as well) but also have enough up-to-date content you can rely on!

So, during this interesting period, I discovered an amazing field of types of marketing. Every one of us is involved in a kind of online or affiliate marketing. Activities on WA platforms and on the web in general

There are two most important marketing activities online for many “internet people!” The online and affiliate marketing with their “brothers and sisters and sub-types of marketing on the web”.

And here comes the best part: I came up with more than 80 marketing possibilities online. I will list them all below for you to review them. It is an amazing thing how marketing on the web developed. Sure, you can’t use them all and you shouldn’t. You will probably need “three lives” to implement them all, but maybe you will find some of them useful for yourself as well.

I will not describe them all, but I wanted to give you an insight in online marketing and how creative it can be. Use the strategy or technique you like and stick to it. The Content and affiliate marketing are still the most popular free types of marketing.

But, before we dig more deeply into the topic of today’s blogpost, I would like to list a few definition on marketing! The very brief ones I could find on oxforddictionary.com website, but there are also another places on the web you can search on for them.

Wikipedia is definitely the one as well, along the other specialized marketing publications and sites that will give you even more comprehensive versions of definitions and explanations.

For our purpose today, those are fine as well!


The Common Used Marketing Terms!


The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising."

Marketing campaign:
"An organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service.
‘the company has launched its new global marketing campaign today'"

Marketing company:
"A company that provides marketing services on behalf of another business.
‘he worked for a marketing company, then an advertising agency’"

Marketing mix:
"A combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products."

Marketing research:
"The study of the factors involved in successfully marketing a product."

Marketing strategy:
"A plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service.
‘we use a number of marketing strategies to grow our business’"

Now, after we're a bit smarter because of the explanations received about some marketing terms used very often, let us jump into the list of web marketing types.

But, before we do this, please take a cup of coffee, or a tea, or a glass of your favorite drink and relax because it is a huge one! It might shock you!

The Amazing List of Types of Web Marketing Possibilities!

Please note:

  1. The first 8 types listed below are in fact all about the same one, just named differently. However, I have listed them because I found it useful to list them all.
  2. Marketing types are not listed in alphabetical order
  3. If You want to do some „homework“ you can create your own alphabetical list!
  4. This bolded types should be your focused ones, especially if you are a newbie.
  5. Many of the types are interrelated but can be also used separately

Let's start Now With The List! Be Prepared To Take Off!

  1. Online marketing
  2. Internet marketing
  3. I-marketing
  4. Internet advertising
  5. Web marketing
  6. Network marketing
  7. Digital marketing
  8. e-Marketing
  9. E-mail marketing
  10. Listbuilding marketing
  11. USP – Unique Selling Proposition marketing
  12. Upsells and Cross sells marketing
  13. E-Book marketing
  14. Blog-marketing
  15. Vlog marketing
  16. Live-Streaming Marketing
  17. Interactive marketing
  18. International marketing
  19. VOIP marketing
  20. Local SEO marketing
  21. Community building marketing
  22. Paid marketing
  23. Public Relations marketing
  24. Educational marketing
  25. Direct marketing
  26. Copywriting marketing
  27. YouTube marketing
  28. Content marketing
  29. Article marketing
  30. Contextual marketing
  31. Web Site Marketing
  32. Audio-marketing
  33. Affiliate marketing
  34. Digital marketing
  35. Social media marketing
  36. JV marketing
  37. Influencer marketing
  38. Landing Page marketing
  39. SEO marketing
  40. SE marketing
  41. Google AdWords Marketing
  42. Google AdSense marketing
  43. PPC marketing
  44. Network marketing
  45. Niche marketing
  46. Personas marketing
  47. PLR marketing
  48. Viral marketing
  49. WordPress marketing
  50. Webinar marketing
  51. Online course marketing
  52. Podcast marketing
  53. Desktop marketing
  54. Smartphone Marketing
  55. Laptop Marketing
  56. Tablet marketing
  57. Fairy Tale marketing
  58. Freelance writing marketing
  59. Infographic marketing
  60. Graphics marketing
  61. Photo-Sharing marketing
  62. Banner marketing
  63. Facebook marketing
  64. Twitter marketing
  65. Pinterest Marketing
  66. Instagram Marketing
  67. LinkedIn Marketing
  68. ClickBank marketing
  69. Amazon marketing
  70. Ebay marketing
  71. Autoresponder marketing
  72. Forum marketing
  73. EgoCentric Content Marketing
  74. Referral marketing
  75. Native marketing
  76. Informative Marketing
  77. Display marketing
  78. Ecommerce marketing
  79. Push marketing
  80. Pull marketing
  81. Attraction marketing
  82. Branding marketing
  83. ACE Formula Marketing – Authority, Celebrity, Expert
  84. SPAM marketing
  85. User Experience Branding Marketing
  86. Location Based marketing
  87. Text Ads Marketing
  88. You add more ...!!

WOW! is this list not a „crazy“ list?

So, I am sure, after reading this list no one can't say anymore, they don't have enough idea to write about?

How Many Of The Types Above Would You Use For Your Marketing Efforts?

Please, again, don't even think to use them all or many of them! Pick some that suites you best, that are trendy and, above all, most useful and helpful for yourself.

And, JFYI, there are another more than 100 social media sites and groups you could join to promote, market your product or service. But, hey, again, don't even think to do so.

Maybe, in one of my next blogs I will come up with this list as well. If somebody wants to get some proposals, then drop me a message here at WA and I will send dozens of it.

Follow The Training At WA!

Following the training here at WA you will get enough answers about what works best for now, at this moment and what will probably work best from now on. Use couple of types and social media sites that you can work on frequently, engage timely and get valuable followers. I am sure you know now already which ones are the best and most useful.

That's it for now!

I hope it was fun to read this article and, hopefully, you have got an idea more for your marketing endeavors. If you also have some more ideas at your hand, please share it with us and i would also be glad to get it!

However, if you liked the artical, please leave a comment below and share it with family members, frineds, pass this information! Maybe some of them would like to take a look at it as well.

Also, if you have any question, please do ask me and I would be mor ethan happy to help if I can! If you liekto discuss the topic, I would be glad to open the discussion.

With that in mind, I wish you happy marketing and best success in all your marketing efforts!

Thanks for reading the article all the way to its end!
Stay well, market better, convert best!

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I am always interested in learning things that i did not know, so thanks for providing this info, it is much appreciated.

All About marketing really. It's like a wheel of your life. No marketing no better life., like ironing your crincle shirt to smoth look.

Hi Sham!
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, OM is a really very dynamical area of activity. There is something for everyone.

Best regards,

Thank you Igor for nice comment.

Welcome ...

Wonderful list and most worthy of saving for future referance

Hi Cathy!

Thanks for the reply!

I hope the list will help you to decide quicker and easier how to market!

Best regards,

Great post! We must think alike Igor. I made a list this week of terms and ideas for the blogs to write these first 45 days. This coincides with content for my website still working on. I can see being aggressive in writing will benefit overall. Yes no one should run out of things to write about for sure. :)

Hi William!
Yes, you are right! The list will help to keep the motivation and concentration up. There are tons of topics to write about. Every type of marketing is a goldmine of content.

So, happy writing!

Best regards,

Excellent information Igor!
Thanks for sharing, I’ve saved this to refer to over and over again.


Hi KyleAnn!

Thanks a lot for the reply!
Yes, keep it at hand and refer to it whenever you need. It will help you to stay focused and find topics to write about when stuck!

Best regards,

What a great list!
Thanks for all your work.

Have a bright day!

Hi Ingrid!

Yes, it took me a while to put it together, but I think it was worth doing it!

Thanks for the reply,

Best regards,

putting that together really took some time...thanks for the list. Not sure how to go forward. I've got to get focused!

Hi Susan!

Well, many people have the same problem. How to go forward within the vast of information and possibility at hand.

In fact, choose the easiest and simplest type you can find from the list and start! Important is to start. Choose one or mostly two types and get to work. Do some research, implement the strategy, and voilla..you are on the right track.

Wish you success!

Best regards,

Thanks Igor. This is an awesome list. Did you mean "attraction marketing" instead of attractive marketing?

Hi Shirley!

Yes, I need to correct it, thanks!
Going to do it immediately!

Thanks for your reply!

Best regards,


Thanks again!

Best regards,

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