My Journey With WA So Far

Last Update: July 12, 2019

Dear WA Friends!

Since january 2018 I Am A Steady WA Premium Member.

Today, I want to present you my achievements so far within and with WA! It has been great time and i have learned a lot. But, I am not stopping here. I am goinmg to keep the membership as long as I can. I hope it wil llast for coming years.

Wealthy Affiliate became a sort of my "online home!" It is a place you need to be online. It is my impression. I hope you agree with me.

Thank You!

I want to thank Kyle for his encouragement along the way and always being supportive to me when ever I needed and advice. I can only higly recommend to ask him an advce whenever you need.

With that said I don't want to diminsih the importance of the outstanding and supportive WA community, unique online worldwide, because it is a great one Outstanding community ready to help in no time.

You can get pretty any advice you need using the Live Chat platform within seconds. I am also glad to help whenever I can.

It is the first expereince I want to share today. Using LiveChat and being part of the WA community is in fact a bonus that makes you engaged and being able to meet people around the world.

Premium Member Successively Since January 2018.

Now, as I mentioned above I am a Premium Member in a steady manner from January 208. Since than
I could accomplish the following:

  • Created my site ione website for now) in the AM (Affiliate Marketing) and OM (Online Marketing) niche (you can check the link at the bottom of my profile)
  • Because of the fact that Affiliate Marketing and Online Makreting are not niches in which I can say that I am an authority online and a real expert (although I have certain experience and many things to share within those niches) I needed to start the website from scartch.
    With every blog post written, every comment received or given, every advice received or given, every trainning or blog post created here at WA I was impoving my skill.
    The skills and knowledge acquired through this period will never disappear and can be used for other niches and working onlien as well. my bnest niches are tennis sport and astrology, but because I like marketing online niche, I decided to take this road. I am glad I did it.
  • 102 posts published on my site
  • 8 pages published
  • 97 posts out of 102 created and published through SiteContent
  • 218,472 words written within SiteContent platform
  • all published posts and pages indexed
  • reached once Nr. 1 on Google, Yahoo and Bin
  • reached several times top 5 (2,3,4,5 position) on Bing, Yahoo
  • created 50 blog posts on WA paltform
  • asked 47 questions
  • created 20 pieces of training
  • my site health reached Pretty Good status. It is in blue, what makes it great. I need to delete few more plugins and I would achieve the highest SiteHealth status. I don't wan tto do it for now.
  • my WA network reached 5,448 friends
  • 2,7 K followers
  • accomplished Online Entrepreneur Certificatio
  • accomplished Affiliate Bootcamp
  • accomlished two SAC months
  • starting Month of SAC
  • WA rank for now 6
  • best achieved rank: 50
  • social media accounts: only Google + untill it was shut

My Activites On WA:

  1. Creating content for my site
  2. creating content for WA paltform
  3. Live Chat - helping other members, asking for help as well
  4. asking questions
  5. answering questions
  6. posting training and blogs
  7. private messaging
  8. commenting blogs
  9. requesting and receiving comments
  10. Attending some webinars held by Jay (because of the different time zone I am not able to attend frequently, but, luckily there are recorded versions of the webinars released after each episode)

Promotional Activities:

  • Organic traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Google+ (not anymore)
  • Intending soon to start promoting on other one or two social media sites or search engines

My Final Thoughts!

I beleive that if you wan tto learn, communicate, improve your skills, find new friends around the world, get massive support, contact the owners even daily, attend live webinars and more, WA is the right place to be online.

There is so much to learn, create and engage.

I am thankful for visiting my blog post and reading it. If you like it, please leave a comment below and share it with friends. Show them how it is posisble to engage and improve on a daily basis.

If you have any question or wiould like to discuss a certain topic, please let me know. I would be thrilled to help you out.

Best regards,

WA Premium Member
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JMatonge1 Premium
Congratulations! Have you had any monetary gains so far?
jeffchong Premium
Very inspiring to me and everyone else in WA community!
I believe you have also made a decent income too with your website with the traffic and ranking you have. All the best to you!
Igor13 Premium
Thanks a lot for your encouragement! Wish you massive success and all the best!
TimMoto Premium
Great accomplishments and I too am very thankful for this incredible community. Congrats on all you've been able to do. Very inspiring, Igor.
rubanzema Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing. Courage.