Are You An Entrepreneur?

Last Update: July 14, 2019

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Online business is in! More than ever! Every day new companies and entrepreneurs are showing up and establishing the more significant online business industry. It is an industry of the 21st century! The industrial and economic revolution!

Do You Fit?

People say being an online entrepreneur or having a home-based business isn't for everyone! Is that so?

Many people around the world like to feel secure (although we can't say that everyone employed is safe for their job today) and they want to be told what to do, when to do and where to do! They want to be employed and get their monthly salary and go to work from-to time!

Many of them are „forced“ to do so because of the circumstances in their life, some want to do so freely, and some don't have that „entrepreneurial drive“ to make things happen.

However, many people don't want to take a risk and start their own business online. Please, keep in mind that presently, around 4 billions of people have internet access and still there is about half of the population in the world that is not able to start and run the business online.

The Modern Digital Technology Is Not Yet „Part Of Everyone's Life!“

It doesn't have to be a negative thing, because it is a sign (and a fact as well ) that there is still massive growth potential there! It is everyone's chance online to become a business, online entrepreneur.

Besides, millions of companies offer jobs associated with working online! It is another niche many can consider as an income source!

I am sure that you agree that any business is associated with some investments, regardless offline or online! The difference between traditional and online marketing is that the latest you can do practically without or very little investment.

The excellent prove for it is the WA platform and the Starter Membership.

Everyone Having Entrepreneurial Ambition Can Start Their Business Online For Free!

Besides the risk and investment, the responsibility the entrepreneurship is bringing with it can be a „stumbling stone“ for many upcoming entrepreneurs!

However, you can't avoid it. Being an entrepreneur means to take responsibility for your own business online. You want to be successful and to grow. It takes action and time! Youa re responsible for your actions and time, don't you think?

Being your boss is not always easy, but in the end and in many cases, it can be much more lucrative comapring to your traditional work! And if you run a successful business online, it is!

But, the success will not happen overnight. You need to give, “the plant the time to grow!“ As the small child needs time to become an adult, so your business needs time to grow and become fruitful, like a beautiful plant, as well!

Luckily, You Have An Amazing „Almost“ Free Tool You Can Use 24/7/365 To Run Your Business, The Internet!

I say „almost“ because you need to pay access to it! I am spending as well a small fee of a couple of dollars monthly to have a straight fast internet connection. My Premium Membership is paid membership as well. However, it is worth!

Please, consider this: the internet is the tool you can use to build your online store!

You can share products through that shop or your website, and you can promote your business and chosen products online as well! Imagine accomčishing all these tasks in the offline world?

Imagine the resources, money investment, time and effort you need to make it happen? I am sure you see the picture here!

I know, you can spend millions of dollars for online development as well, but you can also start with almost no money invested in advertising, It is all the power of the internet! It is the perfect tool; you can use daily from home.

You don't even need to make one tiny step out of the door of your house or apartment, and you can become an entrepreneur! Is that not awesome?

I am sure you can realize now that to be an entrepreneur online you need three elements:

  1. the internet,
  2. your product or service to sell,
  3. the promotion!

Each element has its topics and actions to take, but in a nutshell, it is a foundation of your online business. It sounds effortless, and for some people it is. However, they have learned how to do it. Moreover, you can too.

They have made it simple, over time. We are witnessing daily the millionaires online, and some of them didn't have money at all before starting an business online. Some of them started their businesses in a garage, and some out of the kitchen and some in even a sleeping room.

Do you possess such drive as well? What is your urge, and what experiences do you have or expect within the online business world? Do you have the „thing to become a successful entrepreneur?“

Do you want to take advantage of millions of customers waiting for you online to buy something? Are you prepared to use the power of the internet for selling online, either your product or being an affiliate?

I bet you are! I am sure you want to do that! That is why you are reading this post, and you are engaging on this platform.

The potential is enormous, and as stated before it is only growing. With every expansion of internet access, the industry is growing, so the customer base as well!

Regardless the place where you live, if you know how to sell, or if you don't know yet, but you have the drive, the motivation to learn and to master such skill online, the limit online is „only the sky!“

With a few clicks, you have access to billions of searchers online. I am sure you have some social media accounts! How often and how intensively you share some posts or diverse content? Why not use those skills to run your business online?

Do you realize the potential? However, again, not everyone wants to do that! You can consider this fact in two ways: less competition, but also fewer customers! Still getting just a „slice“ of this great „internet cake“ means millions of potential customers. And money for your pocket!

Consider the following mathematics. If there are more than 4,2 billions of internet users today, and you get just a fraction of it, like for example, 0,0001% of that number, and you drive those amount of people to your business online (read: your website, your online store, your YT channel, or to your social media accounts) you still have 4000 potential customers at your disposal.

If contrary, just 1% of them sign up for your monthly membership, or service or buy the product, you are still making 40 sales monthly.

If you consider the commission rate you get from your affiliate program, or you sell your product for just $10 (at WA you get even more), you are going to make $400 monthly!

It is not big money but helps for many things: to make additional income, to improve your pension, to invest in your promotion online and thus growth of your business, to make your website look more professional, and so forth.

Moreover, it is about only 0,000001% of the world's internet community! What would happen if that number increase!?

Do you see the real potential there?

The Final Thoughts!

Of course, the numbers are one thing, and the entrepreneurship is the other. You are also competing with millions of others that want to achieve the same, even better! So, the real entrepreneur mindset is imperative if you're going to succeed.

Luckily, you can learn here all you need to be a successful business online entrepreneur!
Still, it is you to decide if you want to become one! It is your choice only!

As in other fields of your life, you can become your own boss, and you are going to be the one responsible for your business online.

It is why it is not easy, but possible. The humans invented the internet! The „real factors“ are the people! You can succeed and fail.

Staying focused, positive, persuasive, motivated, developing your skills, and improving your knowledge will ensure your dreams of success online will become true!

So, are you an entrepreneur online, or it is something you don't consider as your possibility of making money online? If you don't know yet and need some help about it, feel free to contact me, and I would gladly help you out!

I hope you found the article, not too philosophical, but moreover motivational, inspirational, and valuable!

With that said, I would like to ask you to leave a comment below, share it with friends, and contact me for discussions.

Like many others, I am here to help as well. You know the expression: „ By helping others we are helping ourselves as well!“

I wish you high and profitable entrepreneurship online, massive success and let your dreams become reality!

Stay well, market better, „entrepreneur“ best!

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Karlyknott Premium
Awesome post!
Scwebu Premium
Great post, thank you for sharing.
Babou3 Premium
Great post!
It is true that for most people working from 9 to 5 every day of the week, having their weekend, having a stable salary every month is reassuring and I understand it. The human beings whatever we think of it, we like habits, the established order. Leaving our comfort zone is not for everyone. This is not reassuring and people like to be reassured. Then there are people like us, ready to take on challenges and jump on good opportunities to do business. We are taken for crazy by the slice of the population who loves routine and comfort. Me, I think we need a bit of madness to move this world forward and each in our own way with our ideas we move the world forward and we bring a new way of seeing life.

Have a great day!
Igor13 Premium
Hi Ingrid!

I have been a freelancer my whole working life! Sometimes with more and sometimes with less success. The effort was always needed, so now as well.

You mentioned great the "leaving the comfort zone!" It is indeed needed to become "uncomfortable" in certain times and situations!

Thanks for your valuable feedback,
wish you massive success!

Best regards,