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Last Update: July 29, 2010

Download 250 free WP themes. Get them now while they are free.


The themes are clean, all colors of the rainbow, good for all your WP blog template needs. 

Cheers - Blog well and prosper!




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sandy Premium
This link is not working now. Better to remove it from here..
Beckywahm Premium
I went to check it out and got this error: Welcome! This domain was registered at Please check back later! I was also give the option to buy a domain or transfer it.
smadronia Premium
That's a treasure trove of themes. You just made hunting themes so much easier for me. Thank you!
maureenhannan Premium
Nice! Thanks, Faith. Always love gobbling up the WP goodies. :-)
jatdebeaune Premium
Many thanks. I'm going to need this.