closing in on a month

Last Update: September 07, 2015

in the past 3 weeks i have went over the training here at WA, and I love it!

I didnt earn anything on the first month, but thats perfectly fine. I didnt plan on earning any money so fast. I figured that i'l probably have fun building my site, and have some small achivments that i could enjoy, but the past 3 weeks have exceeded my expectations totally.

  • I've managed to build a site that i'm proud of, in a niche that i like.
  • i'm having fun learning and researching online regarding subjects in my niche
  • I get enthusiastic every time I see a new comment
  • I love the interactions with my readers
  • i keep thinking about improvments for the site.

Its absolutly great!

I'm sure most of you have experianced this as well when you started out, and i bet you can probably relate.

The plans for the next month, are to conitue with the training and actully have my first earning. I might be setting the bar a bit high, but i rather aim high and fail glouriously then tip toe around until my first earning report.

Will keep you posted!

BTW feel free to check out my site, and stay in touch.

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Hey man congrats on the progress keep pushing forward
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