Writer's Block (Not)

Last Update: February 12, 2010

Before I write this blog for the second time let me just get this off my chest:

I hate you WA! I hate you so much for erasing my long blog post, forcing me to log in again and not remembering what I spent at least 7 minutes writing. Then you wouldn't even let me go back and recover it with the back button. That's not nice, man. Not nice at all. Okay, I forgive you. You're right, I should've copied and pasted it into Notepad before hitting that "Save" button. Yes, well, maybe you shouldn't actually call it "Save," maybe something like "Do Ya Feel Lucky?" would be more appropriate. Okay, I think I'm over it, let's move on...

Writer's block. For awhile I thought I had writer's block, but obviously that's not true because I don't have a hard time writing a blog post here at WA. I just open up the editor, write it out in a few minutes, and until today pressed the "Save" button and everything was hunky-dory.

* The process will now include me copying everything into Notepad first.

So I realize I don't have writer's block. To say I have writer's block would be an insult to anyone who genuinely can't write anything. My problem was really that I couldn't write to an audience that I didn't know. Here at WA I don't have that problem. I know some of you folks well enough and am comfortable just saying what's on my mind. When I sit down to write for Ezine Articles, I'm addressing the faceless internet.

I started writing again last night, and while looking for ways to write quality content more quickly I found Write or Die. It's funny, but I realized I don't need a gimmick like this to get things done. What I really need is an audience. That's where WA comes in. I'm going to experiment with writing my articles here in the WA blog tool, and then I'll submit them to EZA instead.

That Jedi mind trick might seem silly, but I'll do whatever it takes to get the words out. Last night the idea didn't occur to me so I spent a long time writing and re-writing the article in Notepad. I must have erased the contents a dozen times. That's not productive.

I managed to submit the article late last night to EZA and expected to have to wait a few days for them to tell me there was some problem with the article and it would have to be re-submitted. To my surprise that's not what happened at all. Quite the opposite. It was approved this afternoon, and not just that but they gave me expert author status and are featuring my article. What!?

I'm not complaining, that's great, but I at least expected to have to modify the resource box because I used 4 words when their guidelines say to use 3 words or less. It will be easier writing more articles knowing that I can get approved quickly and possibly get featured.

Neat. Now to carefully copy the contents of this blog into Notepad before clicking any buttons.

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Singsong Premium
Very cool! I like Jedi mind tricks!! Ha!!
idm Premium
I haven't tried it yet, but I think knowing this person is imaginary would throw me off. I'm not sure I can trick myself like that, heheh. I'll give it a try though. Another thing I'm venturing to try is re-writing the merchant's sales copy in my own words. Maybe even taking some time to re-write the copy word-for-word to really get it.
Roy Penrod Premium
"You're right, I should've copied and pasted it into Notepad before hitting that "Save" button. Yes, well, maybe you shouldn't actually call it "Save," maybe something like "Do Ya Feel Lucky?" would be more appropriate."

lol Loved that part. I think we can all identify with that one. hehe

Congrats on your success at EZA.

As far as writing to an audience goes, have you ever tried giving an imaginary audience member a name, a job, wants, needs, and desires? Actually imagine they're a real person, sit down, and write to them as though you were writing to a friend?

It really helps me when I'm writing. I've even interviewed them before.
RitzsonF Premium
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idm Premium
Heheh, thanks. I take being off-beat as a compliment for sure. :)
jatdebeaune Premium
Ian, One of the things I like about your blogs is that you hit on off-beat ideas that are provocative and cause one to think . I enjoy being challenged. The technical stuff is important too, since personally, I don't know much about it and am learning every day from anywhere I can get the knowledge. It's the world of ideas that entices me. Good job. Congratulations on EZA article. J.