Settling in with a plan

Last Update: May 16, 2020

Hello everyone,

This is my second blog and I thought I should say something.

So, it's been one month of learning. There's a lot been thrown at us. Each new level opens up to a new set of challenges. Sometimes, it can be a little frustrating. One minute, you appear to know what you are doing. In other, you feel, you are fighting a lost cause.

I know, it's not uncommon for a lot of us here to say that, our sleep patterns have been seriously altered. I wouldn't have been able to do this, without the support of everyone in this community; Kyle, the Support guys, all of us at the Need a comment platform, the top helpers and the rest of us, rookies. In our own way, we are all brilliant.

I 'm still trying to figure out how to churn out 2-3 posts in a week. It's doable, I know. For now as I'm still learning the ropes but I know that I can do a good one, every week and build up from there.

In the midst of trying to complete my training, applying for affiliate programs and trying to figure out all the new stuff, I found this helpful.

It is simple and very cliche but it's tried and tested and works all the time!

It's simple :Write a list of what you want to achieve in a day.

Its simple right? good. With a to do list, you are focused and can achieve more.You don't go round on a wild goose chase.

I have written out my list, and ticking things off.

I, even had the time to write this quick note.

With a list, you don't get overwhelmed. I try it.

Thank you and see you soonest....


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, my friend! Thanks for sharing!

megawinner Premium
Always should be. Plan and act on your plan. But there is a lot in between. 👍😎✨⚡🏆
IbiE1 Premium
Hi Megawinner
That is so true and with a plan in place, you would have a sense of purpose.
JohaneG Premium
Excellent thinking, Ibi.
IbiE1 Premium
Thank you JohaneG
JohaneG Premium
You are welcome, Ibi.
BarbaraBC Premium
Yes, it is very important to make a list, set goals, and then follow through.
Thank you for this post.
IbiE1 Premium
You are more than welcome, Barbara
KathyAnne Premium
Thanks for sharing this. It can certainly be hard to write 3 blog posts a week, but just pace yourself and you'll get there. I also write a daily to do list and tick off each task when completed. It often ends up like a diary, but shows my progress. Wishing you continued success 😊
IbiE1 Premium
Thank you KathuAnne.