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September 07, 2019
I can be rather blunt sometimes, and I am still working on my people skills. There are a lot of reasons for me to follow through with this site- not the least of which is because I'm not the one who was able to back me- a friend did so.This is our dream. It is a shared dream between many of our friends and us, but we want to do our best to make it shine before we open it up and share with everyone we want to share it with. SO on to what you should know about me- the one who will be here on WA s
September 06, 2019
We just opened up Wyrm Wolf Games and we just got our profiles in for those who are the beginning stage works. It's still an egg but it will be hatching soon!!We will be covering our passion gor games in every way- and as artists we will be building something wonderful together!!Wish us luck!!Iason