The Ultimate Super Niche Marketplace?

Last Update: February 24, 2016

We are all heading in the same direction.....some are close to it .....others further away....whilst I have actually reached it.....What am I talking about....Retirement.

There are a huge range of lucrative micro niche markets in this just have to drill down to find them. Social networking sites dedicated to the over 50s are a source of endless inspiration for blog posts and provide great opportunities to interact with your target market.

So here is my list of top social networking sites targeting the over 50s. As I live in the UK you will find many of these sites are UK orientated, nevertheless I hope they will give you food for thought. Global Alexa rankings are shown to provide a rough guide to the popularity of each site


Alexa 425,055

Alexa 151,523

Alexa 226,095

Alexa 548,794

Alexa 262,006

Alexa 3,844,898

Alexa 329,239

Alexa 2,226,802 (Don't be put off by this ranking....there has been a huge amount interest in this wacky site over the past few weeks)

Alexa 697,895

Alexa 49,485

Happy hunting!

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TommyV Premium
Thank you Ian,
Good food for thought, I'll check this out.
KatieMac Premium
quite a few to consider did not know they had this many thank you for sharing your find
Ericabried Premium
Thank you Iain, this is very relevant to me as my niche is targeted at empty nesters who fall into this age bracket.
iainclarke Premium
So pleased that you will find my post useful. Best wishes
TySiriol Premium
Thank you Iain. I too am in the UK and I will be talking about living with chronic illness, which affects all ages of course but particularly as we get older. I had no idea these websites even existed.
Cheers Cath xx
iainclarke Premium
There's probably more sites out there which I haven't discover. Thank you for choosing such a worthwhile subject to talk about. All the best
JudeP Premium
This will be really useful to my niche which is women over the age of 50 so thanks so much for sharing this. I am also in the UK, so completely relevant to me :)
iainclarke Premium
May be I should start writing a blog for men over 50, although my site does embrace both sexes. Best wishes.
JudeP Premium
Thank you :)