YEAH! 500 Organic Visitors in One Day!

Last Update: March 31, 2020


I had to share this with you guys!

First, let me tell you, my primary intent like always, and like most of our WA companions, is not to brag! But to prove this program really works!

A new milestone surpassed 500+ visitors on a single day!!!

Today, well actually was yesterday, 30 March, I turned a huge milestone, my website had 505 organic visitors on a single day! Ain't that AWESOME?

Well, some might say/think, what's the commotion? For me it's huge!

One of my 2020 goals was to get 1k visitors per day on my website, and I'm currently halfway there ;)

Just hope Google doesn't update the core algorithm
and messes all up again *crosses fingers*.

The point is that I followed WA training and JAY lessons with what I already knew (yeah, I have an IT background which doesn't always help, believe me), and the results are finally showing up!

My website is clean, with no ads, very few affiliate links, no significant monetization! First, I want to rank my posts, then I will think about monetizing! Seems to work better this way ;)

But imagine If I had, for example, an Amazon affiliate website, 500+++ (targeted/organic) visitors per day would be a great showcase!

So, with this in mind, stick to the training, take action, and do not put the cart before the horse.


PS: don't be shy to ask for help ;)

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RamiSociable Premium
Hi Pedro,

Trust all is well with you and the family!!

I see your quest is bearing fruit absolutely fantastic and more or less within the time frame you were targeting so with intent which makes it Awesome!!

Excellent strategy Congratulations!!

All of you be well, stay safe and take care!! ;

Desireoz2 Premium
Thank you for the information. It is in everyones interest to hear this news of yours so that we can fortify ourselves that the journey is hard at the bigining but there will still a price to gain. And you have given us that motivation through your lovely post. I am so grateful. This is your time to start enjoying the hard working. A ll the best.
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi Yaovi,

Thank you for your kind words!

Proving the system works is the best motivation we, WA members need to fuel up and keep going.

I wish you the best m8.

ChangeIsNow Premium
Hi Pedro,

Great job! What is your current click through rate and what kind of headlines work the most effective for you? My click through rate is pretty low, so i need to find ways to improve it, I've been working on my headlines for some time now, but it just doesn't seem to punch a hole, it's frustrating....
I-Pedro-I Premium
Yeah, creating good headlines can be a pain! My CTR is not that high as well, almost 2% as I type.

My best one is 13.20% and the funny thing is, this particular one is very simple.

Is XXX a pyramid scheme? My Honest Review.

I wrote a post a long time ago about headlines where I share an awesome tool ;)

Might be worth a look m8 Hope it helps

JulianRicha1 Premium
Nice going Pedro. I just got my site up and running a couple days ago. Next step is now to learn all I can about SEO. I didn't know that if you didn't immediately monetize it would help you rank better, hmmm. I got banners or links near the bottom of all my posts.

Again, good job,
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi RIch.

As long as you balance your links (internal, external and affiliate) it won't hurt much.

But if you are sending visitors away to affiliate links all along with the content, that is bad.

CTA at the end works good, it's what I use when I submit.

Track your website on google analytics, and insert specific CTA and affiliate links relevant to the traffic you are getting.

But let me tell you this, it's the way I do it don't mean it's the right way ;)

BruceStephen Premium
That is really great Pedro. You have worked for it and it is starting to show results. This is a huge encouragement to those of us still plodding onlong in blind faith.

I look forward to the day I can report on getting visitors to my site.

Good luck and all the best.
Regards Bruce
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your support words ;)

I'm sure that soon enough I will be commenting a similar post from you ;)

Just keep breaking through the training ;)