There are no Breakthroughs. You are born brilliant!

Last Update: February 18, 2020

Personal development is a fad industry, that makes millions of dollars because it sells you the idea, that something is wrong with you.

It promotes the idea that as humans we have to fix ourselves in order to become brilliant.

I don't buy it.

You are constantly improving, constantly changing, evolving and aging.

I don't believe in these kinds of breakthroughs and I don't think, that there is anything wrong with you and above all I don't believe that everyone is unique.

We are ordinary people, going about our life day in and day out.

Most of us are happy to be alive while we have a life and there are some who are "happy to be miserable". Each to their own!

What shapes our life is not a magical one time encounter with a unicorn, but what we DO DAILY. We are what we make of ourselves.

At least 80% of your life is controlled by our free will. There are some things, that we are simply born into and are just there. Most of what we are a result of what we have done and how much effort we have put into it.

So the point of this article is to remind you that every habit, that you have incorporated in your life is shaping you.

If you don't like something about your life, you can change it by implementing a small daily, unnoticed, doable action, that will bring change into your life.

Start today and keep going. Daily.

Here is a video I created about Self Discipline. One of the most important character building qualities. Click on it and watch it! How to Buld Self Discipline?

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GKhyneSam Premium
Your so right we are who we are and we evolve as life goes on thanks
howdoiblog Premium
Yes, indeed.
JasonKang Premium
Hi, Ivelina.
I enjoyed reading this post.
I also enjoyed the attached video.
By changing a small habit, our life can be improved by large as you indicated.
It is so true, and thank you for sharing your thought.
howdoiblog Premium
That's great!
Thank you!
Mick18 Premium
Great post, Ivelina. I'll go check out your video. Thanks!
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you!
anjumshahlla Premium
So true! I like idea of small doable change. I need to learn driving so I started driving in the drive way. Yesterday I just turned the truck on and reversed it a little bit. Today I reversed it and also use the drive gear .....yay .... so little by little ....
Thank you for sharing.
howdoiblog Premium
Exactly, little by little is the way to go!
Keep it up!