Don't start a food blog before you read this

Last Update: January 21, 2019

I went vegan in 2012. Now writing about food has become the most popular topic on my blog.

Regardless of what your favourite foods are, there are a few reasons why blogging about food is one of the easiest ways to start a blog.

1. There is an abundance of food choices- snacks, fast food restaurants, ready-made meals, cooked from scratch dishes. There are numerous types of diets, beginners bakers and cake makers, regional foods and budget related cooking. Also, nearly every holiday revolves around the food that it has to be prepared.

You can start a blog by simply making a collection of some of your favourite meals and how you prepare them. You might be an aspiring bread maker and starting a blog about bread is your next step.

2. Get to spend countless hours on Social media. I spent days admiring other food bloggers creations and making plans for what will I share on my next post.

I spent hours on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest looking and drooling over foods, engaging with other aspiring cooks and rediscovering the latest trends.

The only disadvantage of that is that I tent to spent more time looking at food rather than preparing it and sharing some of my ideas and recipes.

3.Become a master in food arranging and phone photography.

Food has to look good first, because most of us eat with your eyes first. You will rediscover your best lighting spot in the kitchen and how to hold your phone to accomplish the desired "perfect"angle.

4.You get a chance to be your own boss and commit daily

I enjoy being a blogger. I find it almost indulging to write and share my thoughts, but this is the beauty of blogging!

You can use your blog as an advertising space for brand that you support, affiliate products that you use and sell your own products. It will take some time to build an audience but consistency pays off.

The best time to start your blog is Now.

Make it happen.

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LuigiCappel Premium
Great advice !
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you!
MineThatBird Premium
Best time to start is NOW: thank you for this inspiring post! Your encouragement to MAKE IT HAPPEN is exactly what I needed to read right now.
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you so much! You are very welcome!
SondraM Premium
Great post about food blogging.

I'm laughing about your comment, "I tend to spend more time looking at food...." So true.

I would add that eventually, you will also get to a point that you ditch the phone and can invest in even nicer photography equipment and camera lenses.
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you. As we eat with our eyes first, investing in a good camera will be worth it.
Babou3 Premium
Great post!
It's very inspiring and makes me want to try.

howdoiblog Premium
Thank you Ingrid. Your time is now!
LeonardGo Premium
Nice nice...You could put some healthy vegan recipe here :).
howdoiblog Premium
Thank you, I will!