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Last Update: October 09, 2017

Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate (WA)Family(:

Whether you're a free member or thinking of becoming Premium member, it's essential to start off the right way!

Often when sharing in Live Chat, new members are bombarding the poor chat board with all kind of questions, which if you go to the training portal, all questions are laid out step-by-step, with amazingly simply and easy to follow tutorials and relevant videos for all aspect of WA and how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

It doesn't matter what country, except for a few (Banned for spamming reasons), you hail from, you'll guaranteed bump into a fellow country resident, sooner or later(:

All live chats and content, should be done in English, to make it understandable to all members.

  1. Say "hello" at chat line right hand side.
  2. Try to find your way around, buy clicking on menu widget right hand side
  3. Start with the FREE training portal Most importantly.
  4. When in need of help use comment box in training below or just follow prompt
  5. For quick help go to chat live and ask, but try to find it in training lessons.
  6. Search for answers in top search box, etc. Keyword tool
  7. Answer all personal PM emails and other queries
  8. Stay courteous and remember our strict NO Spam and Self Promotion at all times
  9. Help - help and more support to other members, will ensure your guranteed online success
  10. Pay it forward with love and kindness at all time(:

Hope this will be the start to a super successful time with the incredible Wealthy Affiliate Culture Club(:

If you need help Private Message me or anyone else at any time.

If all the above fails here is the support link...

Cheers & blessings,




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MKearns Premium
Your goals live the mission of WA Eric
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Kind words mate(:
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I like these tips.
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Always good to hear from you Mike(:
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Great tips, Eric :)
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Lovely to comment, thanks Carol(:
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Well written Eric...thx
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Thanks James(:
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Great tips for new members. Thanks for sharing,Eric

HosannaBiz Premium
Thank you Terry(: