How Can We Help People Genuinely Making Extra Money?

Last Update: Aug 28, 2017


G'day from Australia...

We often get bombarded with spam and unwanted messages, some good, but most totally outlandishly misleading, whenever we seek to help people, genuinely, make extra money online...

Unfortunately, even government now have regular warnings, about common scams, fleecing, especially, the elderly and vulnerable folks, for many thousands of hard earned dollars.

I was helping many seniors, and for that matter all ages of people, who had fallen victims to local, but mainly international scam operators.

Our site was called Scamcrusader, and hopefully made a small dent, in the fight against the despicable behaviour of individuals, and many criminal organized gangs.

That was way back in 2008 and I quickly realised, how prevalent internet scamming affected their victims, often for life!

I had many romantic forum members, who were seeking friendship online, falling for scam artists, portraying stolen identity victims, and often was totally bamboozled over why, these normal people, so to speak, would often fall for the most obvious scam artist?

So here is my question, how can we genuinely help people making extra money, without being exposed to foul play?

This is the main reason for joining WA, as I mentioned in my profile, passion for loving, serving and helping others achieve their utmost God given potentials in life, should be every persons main goal in life,

Cheers & blessings



PS! Appreciate your valuable feedback and comments below(:

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G'day! You are right! And how sad all this is: scams here, scams there... I think a good way to help is writing scams alerts! That's a good "niche". :)
Thank you for this post!

Thank you, Henry for your encouragement(:

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