My Journey So Far

Last Update: June 27, 2020
So Proud

I am so proud of myself! I am not the most computer/tech/online savvy person, and yet I have been able to create a website and write some articles that I can be proud of. My desire has been to create a website for a long time, but just didn't know where to begin. I'm so grateful I have found WA because I would still be lost in the deep dark ocean that is the internet.

My Progess Thus Far

So far I have (almost) completed the third level of training and getting ready for level four! I have decided to throw myself into the success/make money online niche. Even though I have not created any income/success online, I know that given time I can. I chose a niche that is interesting and has a lot of potential. What excites me is that I am only limited by my own imagination.

Again, I have created my website and have written a few posts. I know I should have more posts written by now, but I am such a perfectionist and I am taking too long to research and write them. In fact, I have probably changed the template and appearance of the site 20 times. I just feel it isn't good enough. That's another reason I am grateful for WA - for site feedback! What I love about site feedback is that you have to give to get. How powerful.

Having my website be indexed on google is crazy to me. I'm such a newbie I didn't even really understand the gravity of that. To the experienced blogger it may not mean much, but for someone who has never written a blog post in her life - it's huge!! Now that I have achieved that, my goals for the next three months are to focus on creating well researched, well written, and relevant content. I would like to challenge myself to write at least one post a week. For me, that will be quite an undertaking as I have a husband, small business, and three kids. However, I know that in order to do that I will need to be diligent about prioritization and organization.

In six months I would like my website to be generating income. Ultimately, I would like Affiliate Marketing to become my main source of income. I know that will take time and effort, but at this point I have no other choice but to give it my all. My husband's company just laid off over 2,000 employees, him included. So, we need this!!!

Off To Level Four

OK - I am heading off to learn how to make money!! Wish me luck! And of course, any feedback you have for me would be awesome!!

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philmedia Premium Plus
Brilliant congrats! Every step takes you closer..
JaneMahlehle Premium
Congratulations on your progress so far. You’re doing well and I have no doubt that you’re going to be very successful. Keep working. Jane
MsJeanK Premium
What a great post - it just sums up what Wealthy Affiliate means to so many people. Hope! And with so many successful people here to help, you are absolutely right, it is all down to you.

Good luck!


nudge1969 Premium Plus
Wonderful progress Holly, and you should be proud of yourself.

It's all about baby steps, and eventually when you start receiving commissions, you become more even motivated to keep going.

You can do this!
Averon3 Premium
when you are happy with the thought you have produced something you are very proud of. That shows the education here is working.