'Cause I am happyyyy :-D

Last Update: August 18, 2020

WOW, I got my first email today I am going to be paid! At first I read it was 74,85 and I was so glad. So I printed it to hang on my cupboard and wanted to highlight the amount. Only then I read it correctly: 574,85.

Since then I am singing that song from Pharrell Williams. I am so happyyyy.

Very secretly I had some doubts. Kyle said after 3 months most people earn some money. And the 3 month mark came and went without anything happening. It's 3,5 months now!! LOL

I am so grateful. To Kyle for the courses. To Nathaniell for being my coach and being available for questions. For all the wonderful people here that comment on my posts (I wanted to name you, but I am so afraid I will forget someone, that I think it's better not to):

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etseil20 Premium

That's freaking awesome-amazing! It's so wonderful to hear that you accomplished something big in such a short time frame.

3.5 months is not too bad. It shows that no matter where you're at in the process, the WA training model works regardless of. You're a great example of that right now.

Keep up the excellent work. Don't give up, be consistent and persistent. That'll be the first of many more to come!

Let your post be motivating for those who are starting out. It can be helpful for the long-run.

All the best,

sfortson Premium
Congratulations! I love to read success stories! It just proves over and over agian that this sytem really does work.
It has worked for me, and you and many others too. Just love to hear all the great updates!
Continue on your path to success, you found the correct direction!
Suzay Premium
Thank you Hannie, and for the PM, I just replied! And, 574.85 in numbers in scripture is good, of course.
If 5 is "bread" you have a grace sandwich. 5 is for grace, unmerited favor, Yes! but it is merited, you did the work in the physical, the change in your internal self, and got grace, well deserved at that!

7 is perfection, you asked help from Kyle and Nathaniell, and implemented that without deviation or pro? don't know why it's procrastination, maybe it should just be crass ti nation- not a nation any of us wants to be hanging in too darn long, get moving!

4 is the world, it's the hard, it is the beauty and the unforeseen, it can hurt you or kill your desire to succeed. Good again you got expert help from guides who toughed out just about every foreseeable and unforeseeable, made every mistake, and lived to help others get over those things! Amen!

What a fabulous WAmily we have here at WA.
And let's not forget 8. 8 is the great number of new beginnings! Hannie got an 8! Hannie got an 8 !
All of it surrounded in grace.

And I looked up that rocking Pharrell Williams Happy song, that is a very good way to start the day.

Your friend, Suzay
hmommers Premium
You do numerology, Suzay!! Great. I know nothing of numerology, but it sure is interesting. :)
Thanks so much for your support xxx
Suzay Premium
I do numbers in scripture, from the Word of God.
He did His number thing first, then numerology is a knock off, or a copy from the god of this world. Numerology is occult knowledge, meaning hidden. I don't touch that, because the original is clean, and doesn't give double or vexing meanings. Nor does it curse me for using it. Father's way the clean way, and as I'm approaching 69 years of age sooon, I want my access to Him to remain pure.

Hope I didn't take you too deep into the pool, as I never want to hurt you, and like you very much!
JaneMahlehle Premium
Congratulations to you! I’m happy for you 😀
Grace131 Premium
Congratulations ! Keep going...