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Last Update: Mar 20, 2018

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I've been thinking about entrepreneur productivity hacks since listening to Seth Godin talking about"writers block" on his new podcast, Akimbo.me.

For business bloggers, there's always a ton of stuff that needs to be done and things like writer's block (which Seth says doesn't really exist) can badly affect our output.

Seth argues that writer's block was invented by the Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley (left), and that it is really a fear of not being good enough.

So Seth offers a nice productivity hack to get us writing again:

Don't try and write good stuff. Just write. Write lots of bad stuff if necessary. Just keep writing. It takes discipline, not talent, to keep on writing.

But... And... So...

A nice entrepreneur productivity hack is to reframe the idea that "I want to write BUT I'm stuck" into something more like this:

"I want to write AND I don't have any good ideas SO I'll write badly until the good ideas come."

Whenever you're stuck with a "but," turn the "but" into an "and" and add a "so" with a positive spin on the action you're going to take.

Trick Your Brain

As an experienced English language teacher, I am often asked, what's a good way to STUDY English. The problem is that most of us do not like the idea of "STUDYING" for two or three hours a day.

So we need to trick our brains.

So I tell my students NOT to study.

Instead, just COPY English for 5 minutes. Anybody can do that.

Then, after five minutes you might allow yourself to keep going for another five minutes... and so on.

Pretty soon, you'll realize that you've been happily engaged in studying for the last thirty or forty minutes.

The key is to trick yourself into getting started.

Just 100 Words

To apply that to business blogging, a quick and easy entrepreneur productivity hack would be:

Just aim to write 100 words of a blog post. See how you feel when it's done. If you want to stop, that's okay, you achieved your goal.

But more than likely, you'll be in the flow, even if you're only good for another 150 words or so. 250 words a day is one 1,000 word blog post every four days, or about seven blog posts a month.

Not too shabby.

All you have to do is to trick yourself into getting started.

Race The Clock

The problem is not only how we think about time, but how we handle it. So another useful productivity hack is to use a countdown timer or a kitchen timer and set a time limit for every job you do. Now try and beat the timer.

Suddenly, it's game on... The gamification of productivity is one of the best entrepreneur productivity hacks out there!

Do you have any good productivity hacks? If so, post them in the comments below. I'd love to know what they are.

All the best,

David Hurley


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Great post. Thank you for sharing

I love your post & I needed it. Thanks a bunch!

Start with the intension of just writing out your outline of a blog. That is the title and and four headings. by the time you do this you usually will go ahead and write something under each heading and may even keep going to write the entire post.

That's right. Getting started is the key.

That's what Kyle suggested, keywords, then a catchy title with your subtopics for a template. I have 15-20 each month per set so all I need to do is fill in the content. Then when Kyle says write 12 posts this month I already have them ready.

Tried and true


Nice work, Elaine.

Hey, David. Thanks for an awesome post.

I also don't believe in writer blocks. There is just too much info on the web that can trigger our minds and set us off writing. That ugly word 'but' shouldn't be part of our vocabulary.

To keep me productive is setting daily goals which of course are part of a weekly, monthly and yearly goals/plans. That keeps me focused and it let me deal with distractions quickly. Most of the time, I won't go to bed before I have done what I have set out to do at the start of the day.

My family and friends think that I am a pain in the bud. Well, so be it.

Thanks again for this post.

Thanks Hennie,

I keep quarterly and yearly goals, and write a list of things to do every day too, but I can't say that I always get everything done that I put on the list...

I have found that the blog template on Site Rubix works well.
I find my headline, then, the half-dozen bullet points
before I start to fill in the paragraphs.

I don't use it all the time but it does simplify the whole thing

Good article well researched and thanks.

That's a good point, Hanley. Site Content has a word counter as well so you can race towards your 100 words and keep going!

Thanks David!


You're welcome, Wayne.

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