First Month, First Step to Success

Last Update: March 07, 2018

Hello everyone,

Today it's March.7.2018 and I have proudly completed my first month at Wealthy Affiliate and also I completed my 2nd Course of Certification.

Though am happy that I completed my 2nd course but am kinda disappointed that I finished it slower as I could have done it earlier.

Am glad am realising my mistake of being slow. Now am gonna head towards Ambassadorship as fast possible for me.

I have full support of Wealthy Affiliate Community which make me keep going and i feel myself lucky to be a part of this Community.

Thank you so much :))

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MBentz3 Premium
Moving slowly through the steps, but sticking with it...i am also in athe 21 Step program which I believe will compliment the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership as well as increase my focus on the long term visions. I shall achieve the ultimate goals that I have in store. I am still setting up the blog and completed the About Me section...I appearingly habe a long way to go. Resilience and grit is what I need to persistently employ...
Himz Premium
Hello MBentz, I wish you all the very best :))
I hope you achieve success wherever you step in :)
Thank you.
MBentz3 Premium
"Ditto" thank you. I do believe that is the the reason why we are all here; to step into visions are grander I am determined to build a local network as well for a lasting legacy and social impact. Our children deserve a much better world. I talk about that near the end of Who Am I, Certainly Not Saint (About Me assignment)