Affiliate sale gave me $10,16 Yesterday!

Last Update: Nov 1, 2020

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While we are waiting in excitement for the ✨BIG things coming our way here at Wealthy Affiliate

I am happy to document and share with you that I woke up today to find out I had earned $10,16 yesterday from an affiliate sale.


I know it is not a lot of money, but it is progress and results of my work invested in my affiliate partners..

I have big dreams and many goals like most of you and I do my best every day to do the tasks that will help me reach my goals by following the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As I learn more - I improve and make more progress in skills and results.

✨Success and failure

A friend of mine asked me once -What if you do not succeed?

I told her that I do not go around and think like that. I am not afraid to fail, because the worst failure is giving up as many successful people often states.

If you never start or try the opportunities given to you - you will never know if you will succeed or not.

✨What do you say to yourself when starting at something new?

- I am going to fail - I am afraid to fail


- I can do this! - I am not afraid to fail - I will learn from my mistakes -At least I tried and did my best

One thing is for sure - You can not expect 100% unless you give 100%.

✨Money and mindset

I know many are worried about how much money they will make being an affiliate marketer.

Money is important when you run a business - I am aware of this, but from the start you should not focus or expect to much regarding money.

I think it is more important to learn how to do the basic well . The results will come when you learn how. This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teach you. To have a longterm mindset and perspective on your business.

✨Have a wonderful day! I am so excited about the upcomin BIG things happening here at Wealthy Affiliate - I just can not hide it!

Recent Comments


Congratulations, great job, I like this one where you say

" If you never start or try the opportunities given to you - you will never know if you will succeed or not."

Sometimes it hard to talk about your success with your neer friends(and family) as small the success can be they have a negative comment and say "only $10.16 wow you can't leave out of that"

But, being an affiliate with WA and still learning my comment is:

Congratulation and great job, keep going on and it will come within the time. This is awesome.

These success stories help and continue to inspire me.
Thank you for sharing
All the best!

Thank you Lyne!

Hi Hilde,

Cool beans- a pat on the back for making that sale! It may not be much, but it’s something meaningful.

You’re absolutely right about mindset- that’s the key to long-term success. Great points! Like you, I’m eager to see what’ll come about on WA this week.

Kudos to you- keep up the excellent work!


It is so exciting! BIg things he said.

The amount does not matter really.

Just getting a result is always exciting.

Do it again!


I sure will Brad! Over and over again! ✨

You just nailed it dear.

It is surprising how quickly those 10.16's can add up, especially living in motivation central like we are here in WA, the folks around us may cast doubts, we just need to stick to and work the plan.

Exactly Alex!

Congratulations, Hilde! Every dollar you earn is another step closer to your dreams!!

That is true Neil! Many small rivers will in the end become a big ocean.✨

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