What Motivates Us To Start An Online Business?

Last Update: June 11, 2014

I was food shopping this morning (boring) and as I was walking around the store my mind started to wander. (as it often does). I started to wonder what motivates people to start their own business. I know my reasons, but I think there must be lots of reasons why.

I have a theory that it usually has something to do with circumstances - and not necessary nice ones - that makes us decide 'enough is enough' and go do something about it.

It could be that you are being made redundant, it could be worries about money, it could be health issues or any one of a myriad of reasons but the driving force is changing the 'bad' and going for the 'good'.

Personally I have been 'playing' on the internet for a number of years looking at starting an online business so that I could live the 'millionaire lifestyle' and spend more time at home. Can you tell I was one of those who believed all the hype out there?

My deciding moment happened in February this year. I went to the hospital for the results of my recent mammogram only to be told they had found a lump. Two biopsies later, back I went to be told it was cancer and I would have to have the lump removed.

How did I react? I think stunned silence sums it up but no time to worry as I was in the following week having the offending lump and lymph glands removed.

(I must just say that the cancer was contained, hadn't spread and apart from hormone and calcium tablets for 5 years and a 3 week radiotherapy session things are going well).

Anyway, as you can imagine, that was my 'wake up call' and I joined this wonderful community, have a website up and running, still learning and enjoying every minute.

Due back to work in a couple of weeks but I am determined that this time I will succeed and not let time pass me by.

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AlanCross Premium
'Sorry to hear about that but glad you are going to be ok! Best wishes!
hgvgirl Premium
Thanks. Every day in every way it is getting better and better....
azgorilla Premium
I too am sad to hear about your situation. However, there is another aspect to life other than "stuff" or a certain lifestyle. There is also a spiritual side to people that so many choose to overlook because they are chasing the almighty dollar. Consider that also. :)
hgvgirl Premium
Thanks for your comments Azgorilla. I have to say I am not particularly religious but I do believe there is more to the universe than we will ever know. Perhaps someone is watching me? I don't know but I do know life is too short and we should go for our goals and enjoy the journey.
Parsonsfam Premium
I am sorry to hear about your illness but like you said, moving away from the bad and going for the good! You have a unique success story and as long as your mind continues to wander, your possibilities are endless. You could still achieve that millionaire lifestyle if you stick to the effort and put forth as much as possible. I wish you the best of luck and congratulate your success in defeating such difficult time in your life!
hgvgirl Premium
Thank you. Got to think positive and move forward. Close that chapter and start another one.