One Step At A Time

Last Update: May 29, 2014

Before I found WA I was, like so many others, trying to do everything, learning new stuff, trying several different routes and suffering from "shiny object syndrome" - you know the one - the next thing will work/be better/be quicker/earn me money.

I was suffering with 'information overload' but had no sense of direction.

I was getting dizzy from going round in circles.

Now I have found WA I feel in control for the first time in ages.

I have specific lessons to learn and implement in a certain order.

I am succeeding 'one step at a time' which feels right, isn't overwhelming and I feel in control of my destiny.

Working towards my goals feels so much more achievable now.

Thanks to WA and all the lovely people in our community.

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arick Premium
Excellent! Love this post. Thanks for sharing.
divadejunk Premium
Thanks for sharing your insights. When I found WA I didn't want to build a website. I had one. Then I learned how I did everything wrong on my existing website and got off my high-horse and settled down into the lessons and followed them step-by-step. I'm having a great time and made improvements on my other website, too. I know I needed WA when I found it and I'm here to stay. All the best to you.
edensbox Premium
Awesome! I was in the same shoes as you. Felt like I was going around and around! Wealthy Affiliate definitely brings order to the chaos! Keep up the good work!
Lemm Premium
Very good. That's because there is a step by step process in the courses offered here. Keep on going.