What Do You Do When.

Last Update: February 09, 2019

Picture this scenario, you're talking one-on-one to someone about this industry and you're all excited about a certain topic or site you're promoting. When all of a sudden the person you're pitching your offer to starts to pitch their offer to you...what do you do? How does one turn the conversation around in their favor.

First of all I never disrespect anyone and always try to be courteous because he or she might become one of your biggest customers in the future. But if the person insist on having their way with me and is not cordial to me, what am I suppose to do.

Should I just give them the boot or go along with their pitch until they run out of words and then make my pitch? What would you do if you were in my shoes.

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LTTurnerJr Premium
Great question, I usually just listen, take notes and sometimes ask questions. Sometimes, they may offer something that can be of benefit to you even in your business. If not, appreciate the time and move. I usually don't always pitch something to someone who is pitching to me because many times they are just on one track and possibly may not be receptive. Sometimes just being an example is the best promotion one can do. :)
Debs66 Premium
Sit back and listen politely and as they are chatting away. Take a note of all the reasons why you wouldn't join them. Yes even write it as they go along.

When they have finished pitching their stuff. Hand them a note of all the reasons why you wouldnt join them and at bottom just leave your link.

Tell them thank you and leave them in their own thoughts. That is face to face mind. Online is different.

Most big shots love the sound of themselves. Give them that They crave it so much. When they are all alone they may even study and find the reasons why they acted like they did.

Still might not get you a referral because this kind of person tend to go there own way anyway. They won't want you to earn.

Your point was put across in the best manner possible. In time they will always learn their own failure.

That has to be a hard lesson for any yappy know it all.
Debs :)
heljam404A Premium
I appreciate your input thanks a lot Debs.
Debs66 Premium
Like wise. :))))
LindaF Premium
((% of the time that person is not ready to hear you, but given time and by your own actions they will ask you how you did it.
always a better way
heljam404A Premium
Thanks for your comment.
DeborahClark Premium
You did well already I'm sure lots of folks will send helpful comments to you
What I've always heard is it's ninety -five per cent listening
Then the other advise I've been given is
Take on thier ways of expression and it will help get your point accross.
Good luck
heljam404A Premium
I appreciate your comment.
techhound Premium Plus
It's not likely someone who is making a pitch is going to be receptive to your pitch. However, if you want to extend them the cordiality of listening, focus on the words of their pitch and see how it could relate to your pitch. After his or her pitch, show how yours would be a better alternative and how he or she would benefit from yours. You can use what he or she says to reinforce your pitch. By tying this in, it shows that you were indeed listening, which will help your case.

Most people focus on features of products or services rather than the benefits. You can focus on the benefits rather than the features. Try to get them to feel that they will be missing something if they don't take advantage of your offer.

If their offer has nothing to do with yours, then what I mentioned won't work as well. But, get creative and see if you can tie it together.

Best Regards,
heljam404A Premium
Thank you for your comment.