You Can't Hide On Social Media. Just Be Authentic!

Last Update: July 09, 2020

I can’t even count how many profiles I look at every day that say “I help marketers get to $10k a month using FREE FB strategies”.

And that’s fine if that is ACTUALLY the results you are getting for your clients … BUT if I then scroll down your profile and see you’ve got 2 or 3 comments and 6 likes on most of your posts I don’t believe that you can actually do that, because you obviously can’t do it on your profile.

Be authentic people.

✅ I am all for fake it till you make it, but fake your confidence, don’t fake your claims.

People’s scam radars are finely tuned these days, faking income claims or results for clients will always result in you having egg on your face, which isn’t a good look.🙄

You don’t need to be a guru to help people and make sales.
You just need to be one step ahead of those you want to help.

Here at WA you are learning online marketing skills that will benefit you and many others in their journey. If you are in the Make Money Online niche share what you learn, share your mistakes and your successes on social media.🔥🔥

If you have a niche site you will still be learning or perhaps have a wealth of knowledge already about your chosen subject. Hopefully, it is something you are passionate about, so share what you know and let others feel your passion.

Be honest, real and genuine and you will make sales. 💲💰

Can you spot a fake a mile away❓
What are your thoughts on fake it till you make it❓

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi Heidi,

I fully agree with you!

I have always preferred to learn whatever I need to know upfront before teaching others, which is different than people sharing knowledge to try to help each other. Having confidence in what you are trying to accomplish helps create the driving force necessary to attain your goal.

Misleading or trying to deceive others will not get you very far unless that is truly your goal in life. It certainly would never work in my profession (medicine).

Taking pride in everything you do is paramount, no matter how small the task.

HeidiY Premium
I think your last sentence sums this up perfectly Frank, take pride in everything you do, you can't be proud of what is fake!
GazBower Premium
Great points Heidi, I have been stung in the past, so I am extra careful these days.
Spotting a fake... yes, it usually start with outrageous claims of money almost overnight. Never lives up to the hype.

This is where WA is so different, you get to try it out for free, that's the price. I like and then once you see what is on offer you can either take up the paid option or walk away...

With regards fake it etc...
I am ok with a little bluff, no one starts out as an expert, but make such blatantly false claims just makes them look like scammers and usually they are... I don't believe in get rich quick.

Best wishes and stay safe.
HeidiY Premium
There is absolutely no get rich quick, the minute someone starts at me with how simple and easy with no work required I know it's bull.

Unfortunately many that are new to the industry are not so savvy, and do get caught up in these fake gurus. It is sad because it just gives us all a bad name.
Isaiah14 Premium
Appreciate those words, of not having to be a guru or an expert. That was my biggest hindrance in the early stages of this process - that I didn't know enough. But I learned to be honest and authentic with the knowledge that I do know.

Thanks Heidi
Isaiah 😊
HeidiY Premium
That's the way to go Isaiah, as we continue to learn and grow we can provide more value, but there are always people newer than you and WA is such a fantastic learning environment that you can't help but grow in leaps and bounds.
Jonny89 Premium
I appreciate your authenticity.
HeidiY Premium
LOL well thank you Jon
Tirolith Premium
"Lying maybe short term gain but telling the truth is long term Trust." Tom Short.

"We have two ears to listen and learn. We have two eyes to see and understand. We have one small mouth so that it is hard to put our foot in it." Tom Short.

HeidiY Premium
Ahhh love it Tom, wise words indeed my friend.