Upgrading to Yearly?

Last Update: February 25, 2017

Understandably it takes time especially for me coming into a completely new and exciting place.It is like trying to walk again.The problem is that for some pressure is upon us and a timeline needs to be established to budget for etc

I must say that my few days on the internet i have discovered everyone is offering training and promises of making money with the you must work hard pitch eg Click Bank University etc etc @+- $50per month

So i am a little confused

Who do i go with because everybody gives lengthy and convincing sales pitches.I like the WA format as it has different features.Rome wasn't built in a day but if i commit to a yearly membership can i get a sale

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Kyle Premium
The membership/service here provides you with everything you need to create and grow a business online. What you do with it through is up to you, some people generate a full time income within a year, some people don't make anything (as a result of doing nothing).

Can you make a sale in a year, yes. Can you make many? Yes. Can you have the foundation for a long term and very successful business online? Yes. It is up to you and your hard work though, everything else you need is provided here within WA! :)
viyee Premium
Congratulations. Welcome to WA. I wish you all the best.
Ivine Premium
Hi Alan, in the first instance become a premium member and then engage in the training programmes. Irv.
BDerrick Premium
I don't think you can go wrong with taking a subscription with WA.
WA has a lot more going on in there program than any other program on the net. Making a sale, well that is all up to you, WA gives you everything you need to be able to make a sale and more. The yearly subscription just makes it a lot cheaper in the long run, if you have the funds then go for yearly, if you don't then stick with the monthly fee. All the people associated with WA are genuine and what you see is what you get. There is a lot of help on board at any time to help you. You don't find that in any other program on the net.
Hedders Premium
Thanks BDerrick its just completely different and nice to see other South Africans here.This is definitely the way to go.Going to enjoy the ride and give it a full go 24/7 It just gets frustrating sometimes but as you say a great community who answer any question