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Last Update: February 24, 2017

After working for a company for 20years and aware of the power of the internet I decided to take the leap of faith into the online world.After puzzling awhile with different ways I stumbled on Weathly Affiliate started the free trial and was amazed at the support and help available and realised no success comes without a cost.

As a competitive runner I have noticed how many people today are realizing how important Health and Exercise is to live a long,productive and healthy life.So I decided to part with my knowledge especially what running can teach you.What you put in you get out.

Hopefully over the next three to six months I can get as much Knowledge,experience and help that I can generate I decent income enjoying what I do and helping people out through this process

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iscool78 Premium
Welcome to this great community, Alan!
I wish you the best of success here!
Ivine Premium
Hi Alan, thanks for your post. Irv.