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February 25, 2017
Understandably it takes time especially for me coming into a completely new and exciting place.It is like trying to walk again.The problem is that for some pressure is upon us and a timeline needs to be established to budget for etcI must say that my few days on the internet i have discovered everyone is offering training and promises of making money with the you must work hard pitch eg Click Bank University etc etc @+- $50per month So i am a little confusedWho do i go with because everybody gi
February 24, 2017
After working for a company for 20years and aware of the power of the internet I decided to take the leap of faith into the online world.After puzzling awhile with different ways I stumbled on Weathly Affiliate started the free trial and was amazed at the support and help available and realised no success comes without a cost.As a competitive runner I have noticed how many people today are realizing how important Health and Exercise is to live a long,productive and healthy life.So I decided to