Introduction to the IBM PC

Last Update: February 11, 2015

Hello again everyone,

On the previous installment I promised to tell you about the IBM PC and how it opened my eyes to the possibilities it offered.

I was working for a long established and famous restaurant located in the west side of Los Angeles, where the owner had a publishing company and at the restaurant there was a terminal tied to the mainframe of his main business.

The terminal was used mainly to keep track of the large wine inventory, which had hundred of different classes of wines and thousands of bottles, The accounting was done with electromechanical accounting machines and the totals at the end of the month were keyed to the mainframe to produce the financial reports.

A new manager demanded that an in house PC system be implemented and the IBM PC came in. The operating system was DOS and the software for the accounting was specially developed , and was very expensive. There were few systems in the market and all were highly priced.

The salesman that installed the software and trained me in the operation of it was very friendly and taught me a lot about DOS system and some of the programs available at the time such as Lotus 123, which I thought was awesome.

The speed and accuracy of the system and the features of Lotus 123, enabled me to create spreadsheets to analyze financial data and create special reports. Needless to say, I was elated about it.

Having concluded my assignment I went to an assignment at a yet to be opened high class restaurant

located in Toluca Lake, a prime location in San Fernando Valley. I was able to select the PC system for this location and by then, there was an accounting system made by Peachtree, which although expensive, was very functional.

After completing my assignment there, I went to work as a calibration technician in a facility in Burbank, California and did that for a couple of years, prior to returning to restaurant accounting.

In my next installment I will relate the opinion I have about the Windows operationg system and the introduction to Linux Ubuntu, which is now the only system I use.

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bsmith1222 Premium
This is great as I feel like I sitting at the feet of a mentor who is sharing his vast knowledge of computer technology and involvement!
hectoroliver Premium
Thanks for the comment and stay tuned, there is more to come.
Christabelle Premium
This is interesting!:)
Debbi26 Premium
All I can say is......we've come a LONG way, baby. How did I grow up without a computer???
DoubleTap Premium
Would love to know more about Linux... to date, I am clueless!!!
hectoroliver Premium
Very simple, go to and download the current version. I burned the ISO to my usb stick and installed it. If you want to keep whatever OS you have, Ubuntu it will partition your hard drive. That is what I did in the past, but Windows is cumbersome and I don't like so now I have only Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit both on my PC and laptop. I love it!
DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya' Hector, I'll take a look at it when things slow down for me!
PaulOsborne Premium
My first laptop was an IBM, with Lotus Notes, and Lotus 123. I remember my Dad saying 'It will never catch on'

At the time he was the owner of a Betamax video player! (Did you have them in the US?)

Interesting post Hector, I look forward to more memories being stirred up in your next post!

hectoroliver Premium
Thanks for the comment and as far a Betamax,I'm assuming is the video recorder.The VCR is the one that maded a killing in USA. In Mexico, where I have friends and relatives, the Betamax was a hit.