Hi ! what is better to follow ? the turtle or the hare ,

Last Update: August 13, 2014

Jean de la Fontaine wrote a fable about a turtle and a hare . While the turtle was going very slowly the hare a speed guye was going here and there . He was not seing the turtle progress, he was thinking I have time to go ! . Then, she passed ahead when he saw she was reaching the line it was too late !

Very happy to share with here .that I am still working on my site . As I want to use two languages it takes more time . Time is not a problem, it doesn't matter . I want to stick to my goals in order to success one day surely .

Bless all of you friends of WA community !

PS.: Feel free to give feedbach I will be very happy thank you !

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acoolmil Premium
I vote for the turtle.
JennPGD Premium
That is a great post. I go for the turtle. Slow and steady and finishing the line with a great satisfaction. Thanks so much for this. :)
zinsavage123 Premium
The turtle, slow, steady, and long term goals will get you the best results.