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October 02, 2014
Today is 2nd of October and it big festival in India. The whole country is celebrating Gandhi as a father for the Nation. In each place from the smallest villages to the biggest city there is a street named MGroad Mahatma Gandhi Road. till now every citizen of india is concerned by Mahatma ( the great Soul)Gandhi. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in the state of Gujarat in Porbandar India in 1869 and died assassinated by an Hindu fanatic the 30 January 1948 . He studied law in Lond
September 23, 2014
Is there someone who gets a site in two languages ? I want to process on it as I want two languages english and french . I am working on . If some of you get some idea or experience I will be very hapy to hear from you . I want to know more about it . Feel free to contact me in Pm or directly here in the discussion below it can also be an help for others . Thank you so much ! Blessings to all of you !
August 14, 2014
For me going ahead is my motto. Last year when I started I didn't have so much money for it. But I tried it for some days the trial . I wanted more and à new venture. This year , for me upgrading is a real investment for my close future. I keep willing to learn every day something different. So, Why not growing and going further if it is possible? I am totally convinced that success is coming ... After sometimes !
Jean de la Fontaine wrote a fable about a turtle and a hare . While the turtle was going very slowly the hare a speed guye was going here and there . He was not seing the turtle progress, he was thinking I have time to go ! . Then, she passed ahead when he saw she was reaching the line it was too late ! Very happy to share with here .that I am still working on my site . As I want to use two languages it takes more time . Time is not a problem, it doesn't matter . I want to stick to my goals
I thank God for He grant me a blessed good happy end of year and a blessed beginning of happy new year ! May the Lord bless you too , His light shines on your path of ways! I am happy today to wish you big succcesses in your businesses ! A lot of blessings !
November 26, 2013
As I am learning english here through the teaching , I just want to sahre a little of my experience . It is recommanded to work directly as a language is masteried . But sometimes this is not possible . Then here in WA for example, when Kyle is walking through the teaching in video this is for me difficult . So I found a profitable way to learn english by discovering first the the course by reading and watching and listen the video taking some notes , then searching the vocabulary in dictionnar
November 26, 2013
Learning in WA can take some times. I am not desesparate . It motivates me. I am taking the time to see here and there in the classrooms . There is so many things it's awesome . What I discovered it helps to gros deeply taxes more time but it.s more constructive for building my site.a lot So much informations are here . In the beginning i was missing that but since i started to visit everything I am learning full time in using the différent tools. I wanted to share my experience perchaps it
November 10, 2013
I just came from the Jungle where i learnt so many things and lived in the deep nature ... wild world ! First of all to be silent to observe the animals coming and going . I was happy to spend time with friends mediatation, praying but also happy to come back for working on my site . And to be back in WA with my friends here ! A lot of blessings to you all !
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As lemon,ginger and honey are so goood for health why not taking a very big glass without ice (sorry ice is not good for throat ). Good for sore thraot, cold, caugh,fatigue, depression and many others... You need the juice of two or three lemons, a piece of ginger according your taste and this beautiful honey two big spoons, gift of Mother Nature, put in a blender with a glass of water and mix them and filter. Sit somewhere close your eyes, breathe, and drink softly and slowly ! Have a nic
October 29, 2013
Sometimes I want to go and go ! but the life is not I think ! I am coming from two special tough weeks and a little weak and sick ! But God is great in everything ! i can testify it. I am still alive ! Not so much after my site ! But thinking to it ! It is like the seeds we are planting , they are growing slowly but they are growing ! I am taking the life as it comes ! It will go ! Everything will come on time just believe and trust even is difficult ! Be blessed ! all the best to Everyone !!!