Website Speed On The Rise

Last Update: August 21, 2016

So I checked out Jay's webinar on website speed and watched the entire thing. I went to check my sites speeds out. I was greeted with. 44/58 for my second one and like 54/69 for my first one. I didn't like that. I know they say if it's orange it's ok. But green looks a lot better.

So I have been up all night tweaking and researching ways to bring those scores up. Long story short here is how they look now.

I'm no computer wiz by any stretch of the imagination. But this shows you that no matter how new to something you are. If you are willing to put time in and open your mind to take in new information. Plus work to get what you want. It will come more times than not. The scores aren't perfect but a lot better than what they were.

That's 77/89 for my second site. From 44/58


88/90 for my first site. From 54/69

Be sure to watch those webinars. I wouldn't have even thought of this. If I hadn't seen this video.

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debrakirk Premium
Thanks so much for sharing
Will check this out
HealthGuy33 Premium
Thanks and it's awesome.
theresroth Premium
Thanks for passing that on.....☺
HealthGuy33 Premium
No problem.
JudeP Premium
Well done for having the persistence and tenacity :)
HealthGuy33 Premium