Bing News Traffic Should I Be Excited?

Last Update: March 29, 2017

I'm just curious to know has anyone ever had one of their post show up on bing. But in a tab labeled Bing news or top headlines. I have created a few posts here lately and that's what they're showing up in. I'm not a news site. I haven't requested to have my posts shown in bing news. How did this happen?

It's counts as organic traffic in google analytics. It's rolling in steady traffic. I'm not upset or anything. I just wanted to know has anyone else been here and is there anything I should know.

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suzzziq Premium
This is where I get a majority of my traffic, believe it or not! I think that's wonderful that you're getting a steady stream of traffic:). Keep it up!
DianneBee Premium
I think any traffic is good traffic! Good for you.