Success? Looks Like My Old Website is the Most Successful

Last Update: January 13, 2011

It's been enough to make my head spin - the last few months.  I've been working on IM, and the tools, resources, articles, websites -- and making slow progress. My IM site ( is now rated good to very good in the optimizer search engines, but not showing a Google Page Rank yet. Have written about a half dozen articles in the last month and "Why My Internet Marketing Was Too Much Like My Early Skiing," is the one that has the most views (17) has a click rate of 11.8%. Another, "What I learned About Internet Marketing in a Fishing Store," has 14.3%.  I'll see how those develop over the rest of this month and next, and add to them.

A few weeks ago, I started looking back at my consulting website I developed earlier in 2010, focused on resources for nonprofits. I think it's getting to be really successful and would like your input.

The website, has a Google Page Rank of 4.  

EZine article on Organizational Development had about 650 hits over a few months and a click rate of 2.2%. Another Ezine article, on Fund Raising had 85 visits and an 11.8% click rate. About 10% of those people clicked my URL. I didn't have mechanisms to catch visitors then, but I've changed that.

What am I learning?

Seems like the "old" site still has a lot of life left in her, and I need to monetize it, build a strong opt in and bonus structure. I've set up the AWeber in that website, and am creating a Fund Raising Plan Summary as a bonus. Then, I need to put together materials I've developed over the years into better ebook packages.

What do you think?  I'd welcome any comments or suggestions.



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WRI Premium
I would take advantage of the traffic you already have by monetizing that site and continue to develop the other sites. Two years online is part of the reason why your non profit has such high PR .. BTW if you can find relevant ways to back link you new sites to your non profit site ie. comments. That will help boost your new sites.