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Whilst looking at my website the other day it came to me that all of my posts have internal links. This may not be seen as a bad thing as the training encourages us to have links from one post to another so that visitors are encouraged to look around the site.However, I decided to read the site as if I was a visitor to it. As I followed links from one post to another, I realized that visitors to my website might feel that they were going round in circles. It is a site promoting Wealthy Affiliat
Recently I began the Affiliate Boootcamp again as I had taken a break from Wealthy Affiliate and needed to start again as I felt there was a lot I had forgotten.The first lesson was a wake up call as it reminded me of why I had chosen Wealthy Affiliate originally! Behind this platform are core principles that make it the best place to come to if you want to succeed online with affiliate marketing.First and foremost is helping others. Kyle and Carson set up this wonderful organization to help ot
Find your nicheMany people find that their first real challenge in affiliate marketing is to choose a niche to create their website in. Traditionally it is suggested that you should choose a niche in a subject that you are passionate about.The theory behind this is that it is easier to keep the momentum going when things get tough if you are writing about a subject that you love.However, what do you do if you are not passionate about anything. This can happen if you are working all hours in a j
I don't know how many people in the WA community suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) but I suspect that there are at least a few of us, as affiliate marketing is an ideal way for people with chronic illness to achieve financial success.I am not suggesting that everybody with CFS can do this as obviously some people are too ill to do any work and your health must always be your priority. However, if you have periods of recovery where some work is possible, Wealthy Affiliate is ideal.So wh
Has anybody got a static home page rather than the blog roll that seems to be the automatic option for most themes? I have been cogitating about this for at least a month so just thought I would ask for a few opinions on whether people prefer a static home page rather than a blog roll and are there particular advantages to each option? I wondered about having a welcome type page with the aim of the website as a static homepage as although my website is for affiliate marketing for people with di
Really surprised to just have received notification that my site has been indexed by Google. Surprised as I only bought my domain over the weekend and haven't yet finished my first article. Really chuffed!
Last night I was thinking about my previous attempts at affiliate marketing and why they failed. It occurred to me that my focus had always been on how many sales I had got or how much traffic was flowing to my sites.I now realise that I was looking at it in the wrong way. Always looking at your traffic or sales figures will not make you successful. You need to focus on what you can control. This includes following the training and writing relevant content for your website, the more you do this
Hi Just finished my Course 1 training -onwards and upwards!The training is very comprehensive and I really enjoyed it!