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Do you ever wonder if the work you do is the best fit for you? Are you struggling to find passion in your work?If so, maybe that's why you came to Wealthy Affiliate.Still, maybe you've been writing on your blog faithfully for a little while. but it just seems like a drag to write about this topic over and over again.Still yet, maybe you know what you're good at or passionate about, but aren't sure how to make money from this, even with an affiliate website.I just finished reading Chris Guiilebe
I'm sure you've been blindsided by something before, whether bad news, an unexpected promotion, an unexpected expense, or a surprise visit from a friend.Sometimes we're excited about the surprise that blindsided us, and sometimes we wish we could hit the reset button and start the day again without the news we receive.Although my website has been live for about 3 months now, I haven't had as much time or inspiration as I thought I would to create regular content. I know I'm still going through
Many times, I find writing therapeutic, and I therefore often write from the perspective of what I need to hear today. Today is definitely one of those days.I've read several blog posts lately about staying focused, and what to do if you lose focus. Keep churning out quality content regularly, and the traffic will come. Even others have reminded me that there will be times when you just don't feel like writing, and it's OK to take a break, or even write extra when you feel like it, and you will
February 20, 2016
A little over 2 months ago, my wife and I decided to enroll our 10 year-old son in Taekwondo because we thought it would be good exercise for him, and help teach him discipline and leadership skills. Little did we know that my wife and I would sign up as well! Taekwondo became a family adventure.Although I never thought my body would be flexible or graceful enough to do any of these moves, I soon realized that I was capable of much more than I ever thought I was.Tonight, all three of us stood c
February 12, 2016
So, Sunday will be a double celebration for me. Of course, I will enjoy Valetine's Day with my beautiful bride of 16 years, and my 10 year-old son.But, that won't be the only thing I will be celebrating. Sunday will mark 1 month that I have been part of the Wealthy Affiliates community. I'm just starting to get the hang of things, and find my way around the community, but it's been a joyous ride to say the least.Here are a few things that I did NOT know 1 month ago that I now have a better unde
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February 08, 2016
I've been with WA for almost 1 month now...I think...Actually, I can't even remember the exact date I signed up, but I'm having so much fun learning and meeting new people, I'm not sure I really care at this point...After finishing the Level 1 Certification course and reading an eBook from a friend on WA, I felt comfortable enough to start creating my first website.I know I spent way too much time overanalyzing the site, my theme, and of course, my first blog post, but I know that will change a