Do any successful marketing afilliate post on the boards or chat?

Last Update: September 11, 2013

I'm far from being a successful afilliate or knowledgeable about this business, but I was just thinking that the people who are maintaining their sites and pulling in huge money, don't really have time to hang on the boards and chats. I just had my first comments come through on one of my sites. Just going through your sites email, and responding to and approving comments, can be time consuming. Maintaining a site with hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, must leave one with so little time to be involved with the WA community. Just wondering and wouldn't mind having to deal with problems like that!

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choppydo Premium
I`ve seen Kyle and Carson commenting here and there actually. I would think that they outsource the more tedious things so they can focus more on the community and adding value to WA as a teaching tool.