Quick Way to Download Youtube Video on Your Computer

Last Update: March 10, 2018

Hi, Team,

I would like to share with you a quick way to download Youtube videos on your computer.

You can do it using a free service, called GenYoutube.

Let's say, you are watching a video that you like and want to save on your computer for a future refference (this way you will be able to watch it on offline mode, as well).

These are the steps:

1. Open the video you are interested on Youtube;

2. In the URL, add the word “gen” right before the word YouTube.

Initially, the URL will look like this:


Add "gen" before "youtube". E.g. https://wwwgenyoutube.com...

3. Click "Enter" and this URL will lead you to the same video on GenYouTube’s page. Scroll down the page.

You will find lot's of options to download the video - MP3, MP4, so forth.

The whole manipulation could take literally seconds, and you will have the Youtube video saved on your computer.

P.S. To be able to watch the video, you have to have a video player installed. I performed this operation with BSPlayer, but any player, which supports the suggested formats, like MP3/MP4 will work.



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Nqueen Premium
Thanks for sharing this. But do you know if it will work on a smartphone?

Harizan Premium
Hi, Nnakife, I haven't tried it on a smartphone, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work there, as well! Just before download check that you have enough memory space on your card.
buffetearns Premium
Thanks for that Anton, it sounds very useful. Do you know if it would it be the same process on iPhone, so that I can watch offline movies whilst travelling?

Harizan Premium
Hi Wayne,

I haven't tried on mobile, but I suppose the process should be the same.

If it does not work this way, other option could be to send the file to your email and download the file as an attachment?

It is worth experimenting to see the best option:)
buffetearns Premium
Thanks very much Anton!