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Alright, so I have been seeing a few things for a while and cannot stop expressing my views. If you are a beginner here and you really want to gain authority in your niche then please try to understand these few things about your blog’s comment section:-1 - You Are Asking for a FavorNo visitor in the world would ever want to comment on your blog if you are delusional and believe that your content is magical enough that people will be hypnotized by reading it and will be so eager to commen
Yeah, that’s a negative title but I cannot help it, most of us are more attracted toward negative thoughts because we either want to identify with it or fight against it; however, I just want to convey a message that I have learned from my life and online business.You see, when I first joined WA back in 2013, my aim was different than most people who come here. Of course, I wanted to make some money but I was more interested in being a personal development blogger (that’s my passion
A very good news for affiliates who promote Amazon products! ( I don't know if I am late to inform xD)I just logged into my Amazon affiliate account and saw something amazing - They have introduced one link option!For years we have been worried about plugins that localize all our Amazon affiliate Ids and it has been a bit of hassle, especially, for people like me who don't like plugins like Easy Azon.They are now allowing us to link our US, UK and Canada links under this new feature and it can
I am well aware that the newbies in WA are eager to hear such stories because I have been there. I remember the days when I used to look for blog posts and members who were really profiting from what wealthy affiliate offers.And the old members here would be able to relate with my story because as much I have known about online business it may vary initially for different people but in the long run it is pretty much the same-We get to know that it works and we just have to continue with the lea
I love telling stories..and this time I am here with a real life success story that actually inspired me to be an entrepreneur rather than working for somebody else. Here in WA we often hear a lot of questions like "do you really think I can make a living with the niche I have chosen?" I too had that doubt initially, but when you have a strong faith in what you do, such doubts won't persist for long. In fact the story I am going to share here with you will actually add a lot to your faith in yo
One year ago, this same time I was searching all over Google.. "Is wealthy affiliate a scam"..yes, I was skeptical.. we all do that, it's one of our common tendency to doubt opportunities even before trying it out.(I just made a post related to this on my site, that is how the idea for this post came) I have a passion for personal development and metaphysics, Building a website was an inspiration that came to me.. Gradually the way to reach people unfolded itself and without wealthy affiliate,
June has been a super lucky month for me, in order to share the joy with WA family and to motivate beginners I shared my first big sale post (Made my first big sale- Need a hug from you all..)and then the post that my site's Google visit skyrocketed from 30 to 100..(Google,Google I love you Google- 96 visits in a single day.. another achievement!!).. I am a metaphysical freak and I believe that we all have the potential to achieve anything and I am so optimistic that I would expect McDonald
This is the best time in my online business journey, recently I posted about my first big sale (Made my first big sale- Need a hug from you all..), and here is another good news, today I logged in to my site's Google analytics and saw this :-(those are organic searches increased from 30-40 daily to 80-90) After the excitement,the first thing that came in my mind was my old post The Avalanche Effect and its similarity to success with online business.. I really cannot express my joy right now,
I have always tried to motivate people and tell them that all our success is decided by the quality of energy we put into our work. My website is a personal development site, In all the areas of my life I have succeeded but I was not thriving in the financial area till now and how can I encourage people to follow their passion when I had no proof with me to tell that following your heart brings success and joy?.. but, things are changing now and I have had my first big sale. I have always lov
We all know that invaluable information and discussion is found when we click the live video classes button on the left. I have attended few of Jay's webinars and it has helped me a lot. But, I guess this would be a common issue that we missed many of them. Fortunately, we have got the replays but if we look at the collection it is HUGE!.. very huge!.. dates back to months before I joined WA or knew anything about online business. They all are more than 1 hour long and I guess it would really t