What to do if Amazon is not an option?

Last Update: May 23, 2019

Hi everyone, I will go straight to the point. Believe it or not as I am writing this post many people in the middle east don't use Amazon, or never heard of it! The reason for that is we don't usually order our stuff from Amazon, as 99% of it doesn't shipped to Egypt.

So what to do if Amazon is not an option?

In my country we only have 2 online shopping websites: souq.com and jumia.com which they don't compare to Amazon in any way. They do have affiliate program, but the variety of options is way less.

For example, In my niche which is classic guitar I searched for the best 10 classical guitars and I looked for every guitar on the 2 websites, and not single one of them was on the websites! Obviously I had to write on different 10 guitars that can be found on souq and jumia so I can put my affiliate links in the article.

Does anyone here have the same problem? I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

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jivitajay Premium
Hey Hany,
Good news for you, I can see that Amazon is now available in the United Arab Emirates.
Attaching Screenshot for you!
I hope now you will be able to find tons of products to promote on your site.
I wish you all the success!

HanyHamed Premium
Yes i know this. Unfortunately it's only for people with UAE address or residence only! I tried to apply a few weeks ago when it was launched, but i couldn't. Thanks anyway..
HanyHamed Premium
Thanks guys. I am targeting the whole Arab world as my website is in Arabic. So I wanted to use a website that's global it can ship to anywhere in the world, not only to Egypt. That's my issue and that's why I wanted to use Amazon.
MikaelM Premium
There are thousands of other options than Amazon. Personally, I am making a full-time income without ever having used Amazon.

Is your website in Egyptian? Because if it is not but is in English, there will be a ton of programs you can join through for example affiliate networks.

Even if your site is in Egyptian it should not be a problem for you to find programs. It can also be digital products as I am sure there are many courses etc. that does not require shipping.

Just a few ideas
SimoninAsia Premium
What do you do? Celebrate!

Amazon offer such a small % in commissions now it's not worth it.

The good news is there are so many options out there now whatever your niche is. Use the new Affiliate Programs feature to find lots of higher paying programs. Here it is: