One year passed, any results?

Last Update: November 23, 2019

Hello dear freedom seekers, It's been a year since I went premium here on the greatest platform for entrepreneur, and I learned so much that my brain hurts but I still love it.

My website looks amazing - at least to me - go have a look and tell me what you think if you please. I get a lot of comments outside WA, and even got 2 clients from the website, Yeah!

The bad news is that Amazon kicked me out of the affiliate program cause I did not make any sale since I joined them! Unfortunately, everything is going great except one thing, I am not making any money from my website!

Yes, that is my case and I feel disappointed that after one year I don't have anything to show even for my wife who is asking me: show me the money! I show here the website and I ask her to be patient cause it takes time, I know that.

When I read the success stories here it keeps me going, but I can't help it to ask why I am not seeing any results. After giving it a lot of thoughts, it seems that the reason is one of these:

1. My website is in Arabic, and the Arab community don't buy from Amazon and very little buy online.

2. My niche (Teaching Guitar) is not broad enough for the Arab spoken countries.

So, I thought of making a brand new website in English, but the idea of starting from scratch all over again after a year is killing my creativity.

Or, change my niche all together and do something else.

I need your help guys, I just renew my subscription for another 6 months. If I didn't see any results after that, I will definitely quit and spend more time with my kids.

What are your thoughts about that, did it happen to you? Any help in this stage I will appreciate it, many thanks.

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DarrenNicola Premium
Hello, Hany and thanks for sharing your post.
Like Jim has mentioned it really depends on the person who is doing it, we all have different gifts and talents that can all make a difference.
Some can achieve things quicker than others.
We wish you all the best
Darren & Nicola :)
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Hany. Affiliate marketing can be a difficult business to get going. I have known people here that took 3 years or longer to start making a good living, others started earning within months. So much depends on the niche you pick, your website, content quality and quantity. I hope you give it everything this next six months. All the best. Jim
BrendaMZ Premium
If it is not working, study the niches, many affiliates are earning from many different markets in affiliate programs. You will need to research. Don’t quit. I did a whole year of research, studying, doing the lessons, and found what I was looking for. High ticket sales are the best and you can do that with Amazon. There is an amazing software that allows you to build a specific blog niche related to Amazon products. If you’re in the guitar niche then you can sell Amazon products related to that. Sound systems, headphones, strings, guitars, etc or items needed to improve sound quality of the guitar. Perhaps doing in English would be better. Huge market that you’re missing out on. Please don’t quit, keep searching. Next, studying how you can market the products and get subscribers, you can create a membership site with teaching music not only for the Arabian country but for the English speaking people as well. Build a funnel or ebook, many ways to earn money. Be creative.
megawinner Premium
Way to go. May you have much more profitable years to come.