What would you do with 1m$?

Last Update: January 26, 2017

We all have them, if I only was making this much or this much money I would be happy. Or would you really?

When looking for a mentor or system online that would get me going towards online business there was no shortage of promisses of a great pile of money. Everywhere I was looking someone was talking about the business jet they rented, all the money they made and it seems like a perfect story.

As a matter of fact that was the reason I backed out of one of them, I don't really care how much money someone else are making. One day I might be making double of them or half, the only thing I had to find was to get to somewhere that could walk me towards the goal. And my money goal is set high but not because I want a lot of money, but I need something to trade to acheive the real goals in life.

Mine is to refurbish my granddads farm and turn it into a vacation/relaxation place for kids or families that can't afford to show the kids that anyone can live a dream. The farming business is long gone since the land is to small for profit and the investment just does not make sense. However a farm is a place for growth, life and planting seeds for a new life and it will make a lot of sense to offer the same to a kids life. What change would it make to a family if instead of taking away the kids because of lack of money, the family could spend a few weeks together get help to figure out a better solution for the future.

And yet it does never really touch the issue of money. Some of the best guidelines for my life have been given by people that had time to tell parts of their life story and give some time to give life a perspective.

I was one time on a bus going from Bozeman MT to Seattle WA and the great thing about travel long distance with bus is that I did get to know people pretty good. So I started to talk with a young mom about being from Norway, traveling the US on my own and so on. It turned out that her daughters great grandmom was from Norway and the kid knew a few Norwegian words. The kid was pretty shy to begin with and did not really give much of herself at all, being unsure about me and the whole setting.

When talking about the Norwegian words she knew it was like changing gears in her mind and she crawled into the seat in front of me, knees in the seat, face towards me and albows on the headrest there was two eyes on fire and really engaged in the topic.

When she opened up her mouth and started talking I realized part of the reason why she was shy. Her teeth was in really bad shape and then it dawned on me that this bus trip for them was most likely the last of some savings. They didn't have much but now the girl was the happiest kid alive and she kept it going for hours. For those hours she was not poor, not shy, not scared and had the chance of showing her best sides.

And noone spent a dime for the enjoyment. Except for the bus ticket.

Don't know how the story with the girl is today but moments like that has to put a glimmer of life in someones beat up mind.

So if the goal is to buy a bus ticket, create a meaningfull life or build a brand new invention to change the world. The money is nothing but a tool in a toolbox. Big nut big wrench, small nut small wrench. The trick is how YOU will get the wrench suitable for YOUR nut. The proof is not in how big of a wrench you have, the proof is in how you may help someone to get a suitable wrench for their own nut.

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kasage00 Premium
If I had 1m$ I'd quit my job then buy a house on a farm and have a stable with horses