The Angst About Comments

Last Update: February 28, 2020

Kia Ora from New Zealand

I have only been with WA now for 47 days, but I am somewhat dismayed about how regularly I have seen this subject come up, usually initiated by pretty angry people.

I am equally dismayed about how people are getting two issues confused, particularly when I think we are all missing the fundamental issue.


There is a process for both receiving and offering comments, as there is for feedback, similarly in both directions. Both of these are incentivised and this has its pros and cons, but it is not the process that is failing.
The first thing that occurs to me is that everyone needs to recognise the difference between comments and feedback, because I have received both under the guise of the other several times in the last 47 days. I suggest that this is not only irritating but more importantly it is disrespectful. (and I will return to that shortly)


This is the real issue; we can argue about the process all day long but the process will not change behaviours.

One of the things that attracted me to this platform and one of the things that continues to bring me joy on a daily basis is just how neat the people are and how willing people are to help each other.

But for some reason when it comes to comments and feedback exchange there seem to be a significant number of us who are disrespecting our colleagues and friends here at WA.

This does not make me angry so much as It make me quite sad as we are letting down ourselves and our collective brand when this happens. It causes those who care (and we should all care) distress and work.


So by way of an appeal let's just live with the process, because any process will have advantages and disadvantages.

But having agreed that, how about each and every one of us thinks very carefully before we submit feedback or comments and say to ourselves first, "am I responding with feedback or comment?" and then "am I doing justice to the request made of me?".

What is really easy is to look at the subject and if you are not moved or interested enough to do a good job for your WA colleague then just walk away, leave it alone.


This may help:

  1. Make sure you are replying as required that is to a comment or feedback
  2. Don't write anything until you visit the website or post and you actually read it.
  3. Look to see what kind of comment or feedback has been asked for
  4. When you pen your feedback or comment, put yourself in the other persons shoes and think respectfully about the quality and time you apply.
  5. Check your own work before you publish the comment or feedback

Final Thought

So how about we think about our behaviours, sharpen up our professional approach and attitude, and we consciously do a good job for each other.

It's an oldie but its a goody........

Let's treat others as we ourselves would would wish to be treated by others.

Kia Koha

Hamish 🧐

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Tirolith Premium
“People who cannot accept the opinion of others do not have an open mind and are not as lucky as those who have an open mind to grow their opinion which is their future lifestyle.” Tom Short.

“People who Argue with You teach You their point of view. Add it to Yours, pick out the Best of it and Have a Better Opinion Than Before.” Tom Short.

Hamish58 Premium
Wise words Tom nice to meet you on here, stay safe 🧐
FKelso Premium
Good comments. I have also had a problem or two with site comments, but feel on the whole it is valuable. And, yes, people for some reason don't always understand the difference between comments and feedback. We all have more to learn at times. I agree that it would be great if we would consider the other person when making our comments.
Hamish58 Premium
Thanks Fran no argument from me at all 🧐
enriquetrips Premium
It seems many of us are facing the same issues with comments. I wish I didn't have to resort to them, but it is my understanding we need to do it for SEO purposes. Generating traffic is one of the most critical aspects of all this.

I have rejected several comments at this point and it's really frustrating to see people trying to game the system. It's disrespectful, to say the least.

We will have to kick them out of the system while it gets solved. Thanks for sharing.
Hamish58 Premium
So you have hit on a key issue and that is having the courage to disapprove comments when that are not of the required quality. If everyone does this then there is a good chance that the guilty will desist.

I am happy to have my comments disapproved, particularly if the receiver makes it clear as to why they are disapproving them then I can learn.

This happened to me earlier on and I have worked hard to meet the quality requirement ever since.

Thanks for the comment Enrique

AliMos Premium
Hi Hamish, thanks for a really thoughtful post.

I must have been fortunate so far in that I haven’t experienced what you’ve written about, and I’m sorry that not every member uses the platform in the way that it was designed. It seems obvious to me what the difference is between feedback and comments - the first is ‘back office’ and the second is public and has a direct impact on the quality and integrity of our sites, which is the number one reason we joined WA in the first place. How sad that some people knowingly abuse that.
Hamish58 Premium
You have full understanding Alison and I actually think that the majority do unfortunately the evidence is that some don’t always care enough. The way we change that is by using the process not complaining about the process. If everyone disapproves sub par commentary then the message will stick after some pain 🧐

Bit more difficult with feedback but you can politely but firmly reply to point out what’s wrong

I have and will continue to do both if merited.

In my first week I made some errors and had a couple of push backs and I learned.

One person just wrote bad comment repeated for a paragraph so I had no idea what was bad it was a lost opportunity for the protagonist to teach and me to learn.

We just need to be nice to each other. 🧐