We have made it to the TOP 200!

Last Update: Jun 17, 2020

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We have finally made it to the top 200

We joined WA in January 2018, and becasue we both work full time, we were only able to give an hour here and an hour there on our website.

But since the lockdown, we both are working from home, and this gave us more:

  • Time
  • Drive
  • Motivation

to work more on WA and our site.

Since May 18th 2020, we have been working on it consistently everyday - and it has:


In ONE month, we have launced our Youtube channel too and have already got 64 subscribers and good number of views.

The website has been completely transformed, with a BRAND logo, new theme and different plugins.

We feel, we have learnt so much in ONE month and have implemented all our knowledge into our site and youtube channel.

We have been using facebook, snapchat and whatsapp everyday to drive traffic to our site and youtube channel too.

But we still need a lot of HELP from our WA family for IDEAS to promote and drive traffic to our site and youtube channel.

So this is another success story coming out of Wealthey Affiliate AND thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are the links to our site and youtube channel for you to look at for yourself and decide on our success and achievements.

Website: https://lifestyletipsandhacks.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBfGJLMmTIA3ESh9DFYWLIg

Thank you

Habib & Rani

Recent Comments


Hi Habib & Rani,
It is good that both of you had made significant progress with combined efforts. Congratulation to both of you.

Yes, i realise that talking about how to get it done is easy. Taking action to do it is not that easy as what it seem to be. It require lots of discipline and consistent efforts to succeed.

I understand your challenges of juggling work and online biz concurrently. Had been in that situation before.

Well, your website is looking even better, after adding in the nice and colourful logo. Very well organised with a good flow of information. Your You-tube channel is nice and presentable too. I have subscribe to it.

Keep up the good work.

To more success ahead,
David Koh

Congratulations Habib. One of the benefits of this crazy world we live in right now is more home office time. It's an over used word these days, but the 'new normal' in the long term just might be a good thing.

The air quality in southern California has dramatically improved since there are fewer cars on the freeways.

I totally agree with you. Here in the UK we have been getting a great warm summer, which I remember we used to get as a child. Thank you

Yes maybe it is a better growing new era. A jump forward to a new economical system.

Yes, everything happens for a reason - a big believer in that :)

Keep working hard . Congrats on the top 200

Thank you


Thank you

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