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Last Update: May 21, 2018

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The email notification we get regarding a comment or reply of the site comments training section, used to take us straight to the comment or reply despite when it was written.

However, this is not the case anymore. It simply takes us to the top of the comments post, hence it is very difficult to find your own comment request and also more importantly, the reply you receive from other members whom have taken the time out to write a comment and reply there for us to get back to them and return the favour.

Are you experiencing the same as we are?

What's your intake on this?

Is this an error from the new update?

Your comments and are welcome, so we all can benefit from this.

Thank you

Habib and Rani

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I am experiencing the same thing. Asked a question about it some time back. And still no reply from Support.

Really hope this gets fixed ASAP as it's not very productive at the moment. Habib

They seem to be working now.

Still, I do feel that we (all at WA) should have been notified of the issue. So that 1) we are aware, and will wait patiently for the issue to be resolved 2) we do not sit around wondering what is happening, and 3) we do not waste time thinking it is browser problem or computer problem or whatever problem and waste time trying to solve it.

I've had this happen a couple was discussed in a previous blog by someone else ( can't remember Who). No response from Kyle. We are assuming it's a glitch that will be fixed.

That's what we are assuming too Debbie. But it really needs fixing ASAP as replying returning the favour to others is pure value and utmost important in our eyes.

Habib and Rani

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