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February 24, 2014
Hey, I have this silly question but yet probably important in line with our goal to be success in internet marketing. Here at WA we have some of the keys to hold success as online entrepreneur, some of us even mastering them very well such as how to write a good and valuable content, keywords, niches, affiliates program, SEO, PPC, video marketing, well, you named it, WA got it. A perfect start, if I may put it that way. But, something missing though (or maybe I haven’t got that area of the t
February 14, 2014
14 February 2014 : 11:15 pm : just got home after a long day, Last night 13 February 2014 at 9: 50 pm there has been an eruption of Kelud mountain, East Java, followed by second eruption occurred at about 11: 30 and it was larger than the first one. Then at noon on 14 February 2014 another eruption happened for the third time. This 5,679 feet high mountain is located in the region of Kediri and approximately 150 km from downtown of Batu city where I live.The eruption sent volcanic a
February 05, 2014
(first of all, please excuse every mistake I will be making in my English) oke.. like I said, hhmmm... where will I begin? Obstacles : English - Internet - Marketing knowledge - Social media - mental block - breakfast (wait, what?) ENGLISH : Imagine your self communicate in other language, Spanish for example.. let's say you speak Spanish a bit, write in Spanish one or two with mistakes here and there, know a few about Spanish grammar, ok, now you with me? Right now it's ME : an Indonesian,