What Do You Do, Ignore What You've Found?

Last Update: February 26, 2017

Like a lot of other members i bet, searching in the WA keyword Tool can be rewarding. I'm always trying to find keywords with under 100 competition, but sometimes you find a word of phrase where the search/traffic are really high.

I can't resist checking out the competition, in the off chance i might find a 'golden nugget'. Well, it happened to me yesterday, i found a word with 13,078,370 search, 2,223,323 traffic! I checked the competition, and the number 97 came up.

But what do i do with this knowledge, sell it? lol

The word has got nothing to do with my niche, and even the thought of having a domain or siterubix site with this keyword in has crossed my mind. But i could not write content for this website if i started it, as the word is so obscure.

I could probably write a post for my no.1 website, with the word somehow in the title, but that may be my only choice.

Have any other members found words/phrases like this also, and how did you exploit this knowledge?

Or do you just FORGET it?

Update 02/26/17

I'm just going to forget about it, the keyword is a BRAND NAME. This will explain the high number of searches. This brand name is totally unrelated to my websites, so i will just forget about it.


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Matinki Premium
Keyword guide is very important follow video guide it helps you choose wisely.
MKearns Premium
You might consider sandboxing the keywords. This may not be the best example but if you create a shielded environment you may be able to utilize your findings. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bing-ads-sandbox.aspx
Stansk Premium
Ah, what a dilema. Do I not tell anyone and keep it to myself or make someone else a millionaire Decisions, decisions. What to do. You will make the right choice.
maun5130 Premium
Hi gs, awesome. I had experienced before. It worked great. Just do a plenty of research or dig the keyword deeper. You can get others to brainstorm the related topics or hire someone to create the content and supplement it your own research.

Hope this help!
gs1954 Premium
Thanks for the reply, If i research it further, and write a post using the keyword, i can test it. We'll see.